Is Asia Ready for Corporate River Basin Organizations?

Event | 8 February 2012 Manila, Philippines


River basin organizations (RBOs) in Asia are acting now to prepare their river basins for a future that is characterized by unprecedented urbanization and land-use change, increasing water scarcity and competition, more frequent extreme events, and the need to adapt to greater climate variability and change. These preparations require a high degree of technical capacity coupled with more authority to manage the process of integrated water resources management in the basin, with the participation of public and private stakeholders and civil society. Further planning and management of land and water resources in river basins will need closer integration with spatial planning, and a multi-disciplinary approach that balances a triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental outcomes.

To perform these tasks competently, RBOs need to attract highly skilled professionals who can analyze complex scenarios with the help of advanced models and data collection, and cut through that complexity to advise decision-makers on clear policies and targets supported by comprehensive investment programs. The first corporate and quasi-corporate RBOs in Asia have already risen to this unprecedented challenge, supported by governments that have demonstrated strategic foresight. ADB is organizing this seminar to share knowledge and experiences on the corporatization of RBOs in Asia.


To share lessons on RBO corporatization and how these can be applied and promoted in other countries in the region within a framework of good water governance.


The seminar is being organized by ADB.

Target participants

ADB staff with interest in water resources management, staff from the quasi-corporate RBO from the Philippines, and a representative from the African Development Bank, are invited.