Calendar of Events

April 2014

Date Title and Venue Organizer
3 Apr - 4 Apr Technical Workshop on Updating and Improving the Social Protection Index
ADB Headquarters, Manila
Handayani, Sri Wening
Principal Social Development Specialist, Regional and Sustainable Development
Tel: +632 632-5964
Fax: +632 636-2200
Manaois-Battung, Shimz
Associate Operations Analyst, RSPG

7 Apr - 11 Apr APEC Financial Regulators Training Initiative: Regional Seminar on Corporate Governance and Compliance
Male, Maldives
Jeong, Hoe Yun
Tel: +632 632 4126
Fax: +632 636 2183

Guatlo, Chona P.
APEC FRTI Secretariat
Tel: +632 632 4444 local 70067
7 Apr Live Online Chat: Small Bite, Big Threat - Vector-Borne Diseases in Asia
2:00 to 4:00 pm Manila time / 06:00 to 08:00 GMT
7 Apr Renminbi Internationalization and Its Regional Impacts
ADBI, Tokyo
Xing, Yuqing
Director, ADBI

10 Apr Seminar by Richard Barichello - Determinants of Rural Wage Rates in Java: How to Reduce Rural Poverty
ADBI, Tokyo
Helble, Matthias
18 Apr Asia and Japan: Trading into the Future
ADBI, Tokyo
Helble, Matthias
18 Apr Workshop on Economic Reforms in the People's Republic of China
Peking University, PRC
Pontines, Victor
22 Apr Live Online Chat: Women at Work - Breaking through Asia's Glass Ceiling
10:00 to 12:00 Manila time / 02:00 to 04:00 GMT
23 Apr Financial Inclusion, Regulation, and Education
ADBI, Tokyo
Morgan, Peter
Senior Consultant for Research, ADBI

24 Apr Myanmar: The New Economic Powerhouse in Southeast Asia?
ADBI, Tokyo
Helble, Matthias
25 Apr Seminar by Hiro Lee: Agricultural Policy Reforms and the Implications of Trans-Pacific Partnership for Japan
ADBI, Tokyo
Wignaraja, Ganeshan
Director for Research, ADBI

28 Apr - 30 Apr Master Class on Septage Management
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Gomez, Yolanda
Tel: +632 632 4444 Ext. 70255

Almario, Anna Romelyn
Tel: +632 632 4444 local 70819
Fax: +632 636 2198