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Climate Change and Green Asia Policy Conference

Event | 30 - 31 March 2012 Seoul, Republic of Korea


This joint Research and Capacity Building activity will:

  • Facilitate discussion among research and policy making communities on the key policy messages of the ADB/I flagship study on Climate Change and Green Asia.
  • Discuss the implications and relevance of ADB/I study for actual policy making.


Emerging economies of Asia have an essential role to play in promoting the global move towards sustainable development. Although their economic activities are circumscribed by developmental preferences, equity concerns, and industrial competiveness, they remain critical agents in implementing measures which will address global environmental challenges like climate change. Countries of the region have started responding to these pressures in the form of voluntary targets and policy commitments to enhance the uptake of renewable energy supply and improve carbon efficiency. However, these targets and commitments are often met with many technological barriers, financial deficiencies and lack of regional cooperation, some of which are very specific to developing Asia.

The main objectives of the flagship study are to: (i) examine the key challenges in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emissions without adversely affecting economic growth; (ii) assess the scope and merits of current pledges, programs, strategies and institutions and provide recommendations for a new, low carbon growth paradigm, and (iii) develop an effective policy framework based on the principles of equity, market orientation and regional cooperation to speed up the transition towards a low-carbon green Asia.


The purpose of this policy conference is to discuss key findings of the study and solicit inputs from senior policymakers and international experts from Asian developing countries on key issues and policy recommendations. This conference will also provide an opportunity to assess the capacity building needs of the countries in implementing forward looking policies.


  • The policy dialogue will draw in the vital participation of senior policymakers from Asian countries and researchers to formulate action plans and road maps that will further pro-active policies to strengthen green growth practices in developing Asia.
  • Finalization of the chapter content and highlights of the ADBI and ADB flagship study.


25 - 30 senior policymakers from Asian countries and researchers working on climate change and green growth issues.




Contribute to the discussions, proceedings and inputs from presentations on the Climate Change and Green Asia Study.

Participants, facilitated by international resource persons will discuss multiple strategies to formulate action plans and road maps that will further pro-active policies to strengthen green growth practices in developing Asia.


Asian Development Bank (ADB), Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).