Conference on Global Financial Economic Challenges, 2012

Event | 23 April 2012 Sheraton Hotel, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Purpose / Background

The conference, which is co-organized with the Ministry of Finance of Viet Nam and Korea Asset Management Corporation, will discuss international coordination among regional economies to deal with the global financial turmoil. This conference will also discuss the role of asset management companies (AMCs) in assisting financially troubled private and public entities, including state owned enterprises (SOE) restructuring in Southeast Asia with special focus on the situation in Viet Nam.


At the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • enhanced awareness on the current and potential impact of the global financial crisis on Viet Nam and other Asian countries, the issues and challenges imposed on the region, and the need for continued SOE and private sector reform
  • opportunity to dialogue on how to learn from each other and to cooperate and coordinate the responses to the current global crisis

Resource speakers

Speakers and panelists as of 19 April 2012:

Noritaka Akamatsu
Deputy Head, Office of Regional Economic Integration
Asian Development Bank

Marco Breu
Managing Partner/CEO
McKinsey & Company, Hanoi

Young Chul Chang
Chairman and CEO
Korea Asset Management Corporation

Dongsoo Chin
Former Chairman
Financial Services Commission, Republic of Korea

Timothy Condon
Managing Director and Head of Research for Asia
ING Financial Markets

Pham Van Ha
Deputy Director
Institute of Strategic and Financial Policy

Le Hoang Hai
Deputy Director General
Department of Enterprise Finance

Hoang Tran Hau
Deputy Director
Institute of Finance
Ministry of Finance of Viet Nam

Vuong Dinh Hue
Finance Minister
Ministry of Finance of Viet Nam

Dongsoo Kang
Vice President and Director
Department of Macroeconomic and Financial Policy
Korea Development Institute

Junkyu Lee
Senior International Economic Advisor to the
Minister of Strategy and Finance, Republic of Korea

Bindu Lohani
Vice President
Asian Development Bank

Niyot Masavisut
Senior Executive Vice President
Sukhumvit Asset Management Company

Akitoshi Nakamura
Representative Director and COO
Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan

Thomas A. Rose

Keakook Song
Chief Audit Executive
Korea Asset Management Corporation

Kim Eng Tan
Senior Director and Analytical Manager (Sovereign Ratings)
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services

Pham Manh Thuong
Deputy Director General
Viet Nam Debt and Asset Trading Corporation

John C Tsang, GBM, JP
Financial Secretary
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government

Yiming Zhang
Chief Asset Management Officer
China Huarong Asset Management Corporation