Consultation Workshop on Investment Roadmap for IWRM-based Development in the 4-Ps Area


ADB's Managing Water in Asia's River Basins: Charting Progress and Facilitating Investment project aims to support river basin organizations (RBOs) in preparing roadmaps for long-term integrated river basin investment programs. It targets five selected river basins where ADB and other funding agencies will invest in river basin management for integrated water resources management (IWRM). The project also expected to help RBOs improve their performance and adapt to changes in water management, showcase good practices in IWRM in the Asia-Pacific region, and for the first time present a credible overview of the river basin management achievements of the region to the global water community.

Cambodia 4-Ps Area, referring to the Prek Preah, Prek Krieng, Prek Kampi, and Prek Te river basins, is among those targeted by the project. Located in the eastern part of Cambodia at the left bank of the Mekong River, the 4-Ps area covers some 12,472 square kilometers and the Kratie and Mondulkiri Provinces, with a total population of about 143,290 people.

The Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC), under its capacity as a national coordinating agency, has recently been working with international partners to promote IWRM process and its implementation in the country. In 2006, CNMC became the host institution of Cambodia Water Partnership. Presently, CNMC is developing an investment roadmap for water-related development in the 4-Ps Area in collaboration with ADB.

CNMC organized this consultation meeting to gather various stakeholders to generate inputs for the draft IWRM and investment roadmap for the 4-Ps area.


To draft an investment roadmap for IWRM-based developments in the 4-Ps area.


HE Watt Botkosal of the CNMC chaired the meeting attended by some 60 participants. These include representatives from CNMC; 3 guests from river basins in Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam; 8 representatives from ministries: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Ministry of Industry and Mines; Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Planning; Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology; and Ministry of Rural Development; 29 representatives from Kratie and Mondulkiri Provinces (province administrations and line agency departments); 15 community representatives; one facilitator; one national consultant; and two international consultants from ADB.

Background documents distributed to the participants included an information note (in Khmer & English); the ADB's RETA 6325 Completion Report (Khmer); ADB's RETA 6470 draft Working Papers 3 (English) & 10 (Khmer & English); and CRBOM Small Publications 2 & 9 (English). A set of thematic maps were on display.

The workshop was opened by HE Sin Niny and representatives from the two provinces and ADB. The programme included background presentations about past and present water-related development in the area, institutional aspects, and several plenary discussions. A plenary discussion outlined the 4-Ps development needs and options. A total of 50 recommendations were made regarding development related to water resources, floods and drought, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, hydropower, mining, tourism, institutional aspects, and human resources development. The recommendations will be carried forward to the draft roadmap, together with investment needs identified during previous studies, and elements from the provincial investment plans. The draft roadmap will be reviewed at a subsequent workshop.


The consultation workshop was organized by the CNMC.


Representatives from CNMC, ADB, various government ministries, and communities, as well as river basins in Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam, and government officials from Kratie and Mondulkiri Provinces attended the meeting. View the list of participants.