Financial System Stability, Regulation, and Financial Inclusion

Event | 27 January 2014 Central Common Government Office, Tokyo, Japan

This conference aims to identify approaches to promoting financial development, financial stability, financial inclusion, financial integration, and financial education in Asia.

The key issue to be analyzed in the project is ways to promote financial integration and inclusion while preserving financial stability. In particular, the project will cover the following thematic areas:

  • an assessment of the progress of financial integration in the region, identification of obstacles to further progress and possible measures to promote such progress;
  • an assessment of policy efforts to promote competition in the financial sector while preserving financial stability;
  • an assessment of recent developments of policies to promote financial inclusion in the region, especially greater access to financing of small- and medium-sized enterprises;
  • An assessment of the nexus between promoting financial inclusion and the need to preserve financial stability; and
  • an assessment of ways to promote financial education to support financial inclusion.

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