Follow-up Conference of the International Year of Sanitation


The world is well on its way to meeting the drinking water target, whereas sanitation target has remained, until recently, among the least advanced in MDGs. Despite efforts by many, 41% of the global population still lacks access to basic sanitation. Discussion on sanitation was shunned as it was associated with social taboo.

International Year of Sanitation (IYS) in 2008 changed the situation by helping countries, organizations and citizens in opening debates and galvanizing actions for better sanitation. During IYS, countries created national policies and budget lines dedicated to sanitation; UN and international agencies supported numerous workshops, conferences and campaigns to share experiences and know-how; municipalities, NGOs, and citizens worked together to provide latrines and toilets in slams, schools and small villages.

It is critical to build on momentum created by IYS towards full achievement of sanitation-related MDG and beyond. Important events for sanitation such as G8 experts discussion, 2010 high-level plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly, Regional Summits such as AU Assembly and APWS, Bonn+10, and Rio+20 are ahead of us.

This Follow-up Conference of the International Year of Sanitation has for its theme "Beyond IYS