Fourth GMS Economic Corridors Forum (ECF-4)

Event | 28 June 2012 Sedona Hotel Mandalay, Myanmar


The theme "Towards Implementing the New GMS Strategic Framework (2012-2022): Expanding, Widening, and Deepening Economic Corridors in the GMS". The ECF-4 is the first major GMS meeting to be held after the adoption of the new GMS Strategic Framework 2012-2022 at the 4th GMS Summit in December 2011.


  • To explore the investment directions and implications of the new strategic framework for the GMS Program, and ways to effectively implement the new strategy; specifically the ECF will review potential new alignments of the economic corridors in the GMS founded on both trade/investment flows and economic analysis, the increasing emergence of Myanmar, and requests of other GMS countries;
  • To draw attention to hardware and software issues constraining the development of the economic corridors and to propose actions needed to accelerate the development guided by the new strategic framework;
  • To analyze the content of economic corridor development driven by a new generation of multi sector projects, new interventions and spatial planning emerging in the regional program of GMS countries and to be further developed under the GMS regional investment framework (RIF);
  • To assess institutional aspects, including coordination and capacity challenges for countries related to economic corridor development through timely and effective delivery of a comprehensive portfolio of second-generation investment projects, with implications for development partners.

Expected outputs

  • Initial identification of investment directions for implementing the new GMS strategy based on review of and feedback related to analytical and sector work ongoing under the RIF;
  • Updated status of progress and constraints on development of economic corridors, including software issues such as transport and trade facilitation (TTF);
  • Refining institutional framework for effective delivery of corridor development projects.

Target participants

Participation is by invitation only

  • GMS Ministers and Senior Officials
  • Officials of relevant ministries/agencies,
  • Hgh-level local/provincial authorities (governors or their equivalent),
  • Representatives of the GMS Business Forum,
  • Representatives from provincial chambers of commerce, industry associations, prospective investors and other stakeholders such as those from academe and
  • Development partners