GMS: Twenty Years of Partnership - A Celebration of 20 Years of the GMS Economic Cooperation Program

Event | 14 September 2012 Asian Development Bank Headquarters and EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, Philippines


The 20th Anniversary celebration of the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation (GMS Program) provides a significant opportunity to highlight the achievements of this regional cooperation initiative in the development of economic corridors and key sectors of GMS cooperation: transport, energy, telecommunications, HRD, environment, agriculture, tourism, investment, and transport and trade facilitation (TTF).

A one-day celebration will be held at ADB Manila on 14 September 2012 with the attendance of high-level and senior government officials of the GMS member countries. Major papers and publications will be launched. A Gala Dinner will highlight the celebration.


  • To promote greater awareness of the GMS Program's significant achievements after 20 years of implementation and the importance of ongoing work in the GMS, and enhance understanding on the GMS Program's role in realizing subregional economic development, trade growth, and joint efforts to address subregional challenges (environmental protection, food and energy security, HRD, etc.) and
  • To assess the Program's maturity and readiness to face more complex challenges in the next ten years (guided by the new GMS Strategic Framework, 2012-2022, endorsed by the GMS Leaders in December 2011).

Expected Outputs

The outputs expected from the component events of this one-day event are as follows:

  • A two-hour "GMS at 20 Conference" consisting of:
    • GMS at 20: Overview and Assessment (presentation on GMS Program strengths, achievements and future challenges.)
    • Perspectives from the Past, Prescriptions for the Future (Reflections by former GMS officials and ADB staff closely involved in the launching and early activities of the GMS Program, on the program's origins, past challenges and successes, and prospects for further growth.)
  • Opening of GMS Exhibit
  • Launching of GMS Publications (GMS Commemorative Book, Trade and Trade Facilitation, Regional Power Trade, GMS 2020 Conference Proceedings)
  • Gala Dinner/ GMS Cultural Performance

Target Participants

Participation is by invitation only

  • High-level/Senior public officials of the GMS member countries - e.g., current GMS Ministers (previous GMS Ministers and other ministerial level officials can also be invited);
  • GMS National Coordinators;
  • Other GMS public officials;
  • GMS public officials and development partners (including ADB) who played a key role in the establishment and early development of the GMS Program;
  • High-level representatives from Development Partner organizations;
  • High-level representatives from private sector/business organizations, including the GMS Business Forum;
  • High-level representatives from other regional cooperation and integration (RCI) initiatives in the region;
  • Representatives from research and academic institutions;
  • ADB President (host) and other senior ADB officers and staff.

Resource Speakers

  • Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda, ADB President
  • Mr. Stephen Groff, ADB Vice President
  • Mr. Rajat M. Nag, ADB Managing Director General
  • Mr. Noritada Morita, former Director General, Programs Department West, ADB
  • Mr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, UNCTAD Secretary General
  • Mr. Kazu Sakai, Director General, Strategy and Policy Department, ADB
  • Mr. Kunio Senga, Director General, Southeast Asia Department, ADB