Impact and Policy Conference: Evidence in Governance, Financial Inclusion, and Entrepreneurship

Event | 30 August - 1 September 2012 Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Purpose / Background

This 3-day international conference will feature presentations from leading development economists, practitioners, and policymakers worldwide who will share results and policy implications from rigorous research. Each day of the conference will focus on one of the three different themes -- financial inclusion, SME development, and governance -- and will end with a session to develop new impact evaluation and policy reform collaborations between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. Funding will be awarded to the most promising partnerships with support from the Asian Development Bank and the Citi Foundation. The conference is preceded by a policymakers training (by invitation) on use of impact evaluation to address policy issues.


  • Increased understanding and application of randomized control trials and other modern evaluation tools, such as rigorous comparison, for poverty reduction innovations and policy learning by participating DMC academics and officials.

Expected outputs

  • Better understanding between policymakers and researchers of the value and uses of impact evaluation
  • Additional, high quality impact evaluation work in DMCs

Target participants

  • Policymakers from ADB DMCs such as:
    • member of the legislative body
    • local administrator
    • local planner
    • local budget officer
    • local expert on the problem being tackled (i.e. agriculturist, health officer, population officer, etc)
    • NGO/ civil society representatives
  • Development partner organizations and foundations
  • Academics and researchers
  • Implementers of poverty reduction, financial inclusion, governance, and SME development programs in DMCs