International Anticorruption Day 2012

Event | 10 December 2012 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


December 9 is International Anticorruption Day. This year's theme, "iACT: Let's keep up the fight" emphasizes the continued commitment of ADB Management and staff to fight corruption.

In the week leading up to this day, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity, in coordination with other departments in ADB has lined up a series of learning events in ADB headquarters.


At the end of the learning events, participants will have:

  • Understood how increased staff engagement in preventing integrity violations in ADB projects and activities has made a huge difference, and why we should all keep up the fight.
  • Understood ADB's policies and the agreements ADB has entered into which underlie ADBs commitment to integrity due diligence.
  • Known which ADB projects experienced poor contracts and what steps to take to achieve development results.
  • Learned lessons on how a joint spot review with OAI in an education sector project can strengthen country systems and improve project efficiency.
  • Known which technical assistance projects support civil society organizations in mitigating corruption risks in procurement, budget preparation and execution in the Philippines.
  • Appreciated ADB's private sector due diligence work and learned a case study where integrity issues were faced and addressed.
  • Learned the importance of citizens' civic education and awareness building and citizens' engagement in monitoring quality of services in their community.
  • Learned how better to identify, assess, and manage the fiduciary risks associated with ADB's changing operating environment.
  • Learned a comparative analysis of the impact of some high performing and underperforming accountability agencies in Asia.
  • Examined the contract supervision structure and how the inadequacies in oversight led to inefficiencies and cost overruns in two ADB funded projects.

Target participants

ADB staff, consultants, and contractors.