Online Chat – Service Sector as an Engine of Asian Growth

The live online discussion is now closed. A transcript is available here.

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  • What factors are driving the rapid expansion of services in developing Asia and what constraints could impede the sector’s growth?
  • How can the international tradability of services benefit Asia?
  • What must governments and policymakers do to create a more competitive environment for high-end services?
  • Does services-led growth offer Asian countries the promise of rapid expansion without traditional, manufacturing-based growth?

Donghyun Park is Asian Development Bank (ADB) Principal Economist and author of the Asian Development Outlook 2012 Update special chapter: Services and Asia’s Future Growth. He will be online to discuss the report and the challenges for developing Asia to move into productive, high-value services as some countries in the region approach post-industrial status while others focus on promoting domestic demand.

When: 1400-1600 Manila time/0600-0800GMT on Friday, 12 October 2012

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Donghyun Park

Donghyun PARK is Principal Economist at the Economics and Research Department at the ADB and plays a lead role in producing the annual flagship publication Asian Development Outlook. His research focuses on policy-oriented issues relevant to Asia’s long-term development including the aging population, sovereign wealth funds, and the services sector. He has a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA.