Online Discussion: Assessing the Impact of a Changing Climate on Human Displacement

Online: Wednesday, 9 February at 15.00 Manila/Beijing time (14.00 in Jakarta, 12.30 in Delhi)

Climate-induced migration is receiving more and more attention. In the past year alone, millions of people in Asia and Australia have been displaced by severe weather events linked to climate change, some temporarily and others permanently, giving an indication of what is to come as extreme weather events grow in number.

The new face of climate change has become vulnerable people confronted with the daunting task of either struggling to make a living in an area where disaster is almost certain to strike again, or seeking a new life in uncertain conditions, such as mega cities already struggling to cope with rising population.

Two climate change specialists discussed key issues shaping the climate-induced migration debate. The webchat panel provided deeper insight into issues that will shape this important public policy challenge.

Robert Dobias, Head of ADB's Climate Change Program Coordination Unit, and François Gemenne, Research Fellow at the Paris-based Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), answered questions on climate change and migration.

Read more about ADB's social policy experts:

Robert Dobias has worked closely with governments and civil society throughout Asia and the Pacific to promote environmentally sustainable development. He joined ADB in 1994 as an Environment Specialist, and served as the first Head of ADB's NGO and Civil Society Center, as well as Division Director for Natural Resources and for Social Development. Since December 2008, he has headed ADB's Climate Change Program Coordination Unit.

François Gemenne is a research fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), and teaches international politics of climate change and the governance of migration at Sciences Po Paris, the University of Paris 13, and the Free University of Brussels. His research focuses on populations displaced by environmental changes, and adaptation policies to climate change. He has conducted field studies in Central Asia, Maldives, Mauritius, New Orleans, People's Republic of China and Tuvalu.

This online discussion was organized as part of the Asian Development Bank project, Policy Options to Support Climate-induced Migration. The project aims to develop policy and financing recommendations to meet the challenge of climate-induced migration.