Overseas Development Institute Launching of ADB Book on Pensions

The OverSocial Protection for Older Persons: Social Pensions in Asiaseas Development Institute (ODI) is launching ADB's book, "Social Protection for Older Persons: Social Pensions in Asia," published in July 2012. Lead editors Sri Wening Handayani and Babken Babajanian of ODI will present the main findings of the book and their implications for development policy and practice.

The publication examines the effectiveness and relevance of noncontributory or social pensions in supporting older persons in Asia. It discusses the political economy and financial sustainability of social pension reform, implications for gender equity and social rights, and design and implementation challenges.

Case studies from Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Viet Nam, and South Caucasus and Central Asia provide key lessons for informing development policy and practice in Asia and the Pacific.

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