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PPP in Infrastructure Development: Basics for Negotiation

Event | 5 - 9 November 2012 Marseilles, France


The goal of this course-based training workshop is to enhance national capabilities of government officials in designing, implementing, and managing public-private partnerships in infrastructure. Participants will have an opportunity to sharpen their financial regulation and project negotiation skills.


Research shows that well-designed infrastructure investments can boost economic growth, productivity, and land values, while providing significant positive spillovers to economic development, energy efficiency, public health, and manufacturing, among others. Greater connectivity also helps to physically integrate the Asian region through a network of transport, power, and telecommunications facilities.

However, the short- and medium-term infrastructure requirements far exceed the financial capacity of international financial institutions and national fiscal budgets. While the public sector is expected to shoulder the bulk of infrastructure financing, the private sector needs to fill the gaps that cannot be met by the public sector. Public-private partnerships (PPP) have become a vital mechanism for meeting the challenge of infrastructure development.

This five-day training program will take into consideration the unique challenges facing Asian countries and will feature Europe's experience in PPP in infrastructure reform, regulation, and finance. The course will be taught by a multidisciplinary team of experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in PPP in infra-structure development. The workshop will be organized on the basis of:

  • Presentation of theory fundamentals of PPP
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation of success and failures


To provide Asian infrastructure managers, planners and practitioners with perspectives, tools, frameworks, and key concepts on PPP in infrastructure development, and to strengthen their competencies to develop and implement functional and strategic PPP programs and projects.


  • Provide perspectives, tools, frameworks, and key concepts on PPP in infrastructure development in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe;
  • Develop participants' skills to analyze PPP in infrastructure development and the implications of theses to national and regional development;
  • Expose participants to best practices and failure stories in PPP infrastructure development;
  • Share experiences with their counterparts in other Asian countries and develop a network of infrastructures managers;
  • Broaden the appreciation of participants in the regulatory, policy, finance, legal, institutional, and project aspects of PPP infrastructure development;
  • Sharpen problem solving, analytical, financial regulation, and project negotiation skills of participants to aid them in designing feasible PPP infrastructure programs and projects.


Mid-level and senior government officials from developing member countries.

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Actively participate in discussions and share views and experiences with others.


Center for Financial, Economic and Banking Studies (CEFEB)
Agence Française de Développement (AFD)