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Public-Private Partnership Days 2012

Event | 21 - 24 February 2012 Geneva, Switzerland


The activity will explore ways to promote PPPs that are financially viable (in the post-crisis context) and environmentally sustainable, while expanding the scope of PPPs to sectors like education, health, food security etc. The event will also be a platform to discuss ways to build local and regional capabilities to promote successful PPPs. This will be achieved by sharing knowledge and country experiences, and profiling best practices related to innovative PPPs solutions.


Public–Private Partnerships (PPP) Days is the premier global meeting for public sector practitioners. With the profile of PPPs on the rise, this event offers an unmatched learning opportunity for public sector practitioners and decision-makers in search of infrastructure solutions. Since 2006, PPP Days has become the place for practitioners to network and learn from peers and counterparts from other countries. By discussing key PPP issues in an open and frank manner, public officials will be in a better position to take into account all the arguments in their decision-making process.

PPP Days 2012 is being jointly hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the World Bank Institute, the Asian Development Bank, and the Asian Development Bank Institute.

Giving continuation to sharing experience and exploring strategies to promote PPPs through PPP Days 2010, PPP days 2012 will:

  • profile current global themes that affect PPPs and underlie ADB/ADBI's, IADB, and WB/WBI's strategic focus on inclusive economic growth, development and poverty reduction, and priority cross-cutting issues including private sector development, governance, climate change and environmental sustainability, and fragile states;
  • be demand responsive to the knowledge and capacity building needs of ADB/ADBI/IADB/WB client countries (as determined and confirmed through targeted surveys and focus group sessions, and stakeholder consultations at PPPI Days 2010 and ADBI's PPP Workshop Series);
  • be relevant for a diverse PPP target audience – diverse in areas of interest (policy, financial/economic, legal, procurement, etc.,) and sectors, from countries which face different situational/development challenges and are at different stages of PPP program development; and
  • actively involve important private sector players (financiers such as investment bankers, fund managers, rating agencies, utility managers/concessionaires, etc.).


The activity will provide ADB DMC officials with opportunities to:

  • Explore innovative strategies to promote PPPs in the post-crisis environment while taking into account their financial viability;
  • Consider the role of PPPs in new sectors like education, health, water, food security, energy, etc.
  • Understand the potential of Green PPPs and ways to promote environmentally friendly approaches in PPPs; and
  • Expand and strengthen their network of PPP experts and officials in Asia and globally.

The activity will serve as a peer review opportunity for a number of MP3IC knowledge products including training modules of the global PPP learning program.


The activity is targeted at mid- to senior-level government officials and private sector professionals in developing countries across the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide with PPP policy, management, and technical responsibilities at the national and/or sub-national levels. ADBI's PPPI database will be a key resource in identifying appropriate participants.

Delegates, in general, will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. ADBI and ADB Regional Departments will provide support for relevant Developing Member Country (DMC) officials with direct involvement in PPP programs in their country who are unable to self-finance their participation.




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