Regional Conference on Trade in Value-Added, Global Value Chains and Development Strategy

Event | 6 - 8 May 2014 Singapore

Trade in value-added is an important topic in global value chains (GVC), and has gained wider importance in understanding the nature of cross-border trade in today's highly integrated world. As global production becomes increasingly fragmented, tasks within the different stages of production also become more widely distributed across different countries. By tracing the value being added by each industry and country in the supply chains, and allocating the value-added to these industries and countries, the potential benefits of international fragmentation of production also become clear.

This conference will introduce the basic concepts of trade in value-added within the context of global value chains (GVC) and global production networks (GPN), and analyze the roles of trade in value-added, GVC and GPN in innovations, industrialization, international trade, and economic development.

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