Regional Forum: Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis

First forum

The first Forum, "South Asia Forum on the Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis," was held on 9–10 March 2009. Under RDTA 6508, the TA will engage South Asia and DMCs in the region to exchange views and explore ongoing and planned initiatives at country, subregional, and regional levels to address the crisis.

Its resounding success brought management to have the second forum at a wider scale.


Engage developing member countries (DMCs) in East Asia, Central and West Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia in knowledge sharing of in–country and global experiences to minimize the adverse effects and cope with the global economic and financial crisis.


At the end of this Forum, participants would have:

  • Explored mechanisms and measures that have been successful in mitigating adverse impacts including stimulus measures, policy coordination and adjustments, and monitoring of systemic risks for maintaining regional and domestic financial stability.
  • Discussed the regional dimensions of the crisis for dealing with contagion effects and strengthening regional coordination.

Target participants

Senior policy makers, Heads of Central Banks, and Private Sector Executives.


  • Hiroshi Watanabe, President and CEO, Japan Bank for International Cooperation and Former Vice Minister of Finance, Japan
  • Andrew Sheng, Chief Advisor, China Banking Regulatory Commission
  • Suman K. Bery, Member, Prime Minsters' Economic Advisory Council and Director General, National Council of Applied Economic Research, India
  • Ashok Sharma, Director, South Asia Department, ADB
  • Manu Bhaskaran, Director, Centennial Asia Advisor, Centennial Group
  • Harinder Kohli, President and CEO, Centennial Group
  • Colin Davis, Deputy Representative, UNICEF Philippines
  • Corazon de la Paz–Bernardo, President, International Social Security Association
  • Jaseem Ahmed, Director, Southeast Asia Department, ADB
  • Bruno Carrasco, Director, South Asia Department, ADB
  • Ramesh Subramaniam, Director, Central and West Asia Department, ADB

ADB officers in–charge

  • Ashok Sharma, Director, South Asia Financial Sector, Public Management and Trade Division
  • Jennifer Romero-Torres, Finance Specialist, South Asia Financial Sector, Public Management and Trade Division