Seminar by Gregory Chin: Renminbi Internationalization: Asian Interests, Motivations and Objectives

Event | 14 December 2012 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

Gregory Chin will present the findings of his field research in several Southeast and Northeast Asian countries, on the considerations and motivations of the Asian partners involved in the internationalization of the renminbi. The range of Asian partners involved has expanded to include governments and market actors, as well as regional organizations. Dr. Chin argues that although there is a great deal of literature on the PRC's motivations and Hong Kong, China's role, inadequate attention has been given to the motivations, interests, and goals of the other Asian partners in Southeast and Northeast Asia. Yet the contributions of these partners, and their role as a source of demand for the internationalization of the renminbi, are significant in determining the success of the Chinese currency experiments.

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