Read how ADB-supported projects and programs have bridged social and economic disparities and improved the quality of life in developing member countries. Get insights on development topics and issues from ADB's roster of experts.


Over 20 years of partnership with the Kyrgyz Republic, ADB has helped to ensure the reliability of electricity services, provide people with employable skills, and enhance the country's transport and communications network.

Unless there is a concerted effort worldwide to cut greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions, South Asia will suffer huge economic, social, and environmental damage from the consequences of climate change.

India is undertaking an ambitious initiative to upgrade its sanitation system nationwide, attempting to give every house and school access to a modern toilet by 2019. Countries around Asia and the Pacific are grappling with the same issue.

Carbon financing helps Mongolia preserve its grassland resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the country’s livestock population.

Recycling and education projects are helping local authorities and communities turn the Citarum, home to some of the world’s most polluted rivers, into a model of sustainable water management.