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The needs of Asia and the Pacific far outweigh the resources of any one country or organization. Partnering is the only hope for eradicating poverty in the region.

The economic rise and successful urbanization of the People's Republic of China (PRC) offers lessons for the rest of Asia and the Pacific, say ADB's Stefan Rau and Maria Pia Ancora. As part of ADB’s South-South knowledge sharing support, the PRC Urban Knowledge Hub draws good practices in sustainable urban development from the PRC experience and disseminates them to other countries in the region.

Developing Asia is expected to continue along its path of steady growth in 2014 and 2015. Moderating growth in the People’s Republic of China as its economy adjusts to more balanced growth will offset to some extent the stronger demand expected from the industrial countries as their economies recover.

A series of new studies from the Asian Development Bank analyze and focus on gender equality in labor markets in Cambodia, Kazakhstan and the Philippines, while also examining global best practices in law and social economic policies which have helped encourage greater equality in the workforce.

Analysis of labor markets in Cambodia, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines show that although some gender gaps have been reduced, women still struggle for equality in the workplace.