Gender Statistics Helps RMI Address Challenges to Meet Gender Equality Goals

MAJURO, MARSHALL ISLANDS – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting a three-day workshop aimed at improving the use of national statistical data to monitor gender equality opportunities and to assist the government to prepare more equitable development strategies.

The workshop focused on the areas of education, work and employment, and the prevention of gender-based violence.

Participants at the workshop today were informed of the many challenges the Republic of the Marshall Islands faces while trying to achieve their gender equality goals.

“Women and girls often lack opportunities to get the education they need, very few women are engaged in paid work, and very few play a role in decision-making in government,” said Hilda Heine, Minister of Education in her opening remarks at the workshop.

“This workshop will increase the awareness of the importance of gender statistics in Marshall Islands,” said Sunhwa Lee, ADB’s Principal Social Development Specialist. “A better understanding and use of these statistics will enable the government to more efficiently target its limited resources.”

Government officials, private sector, civil society, and media representatives participated in the workshop.