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Senior Economist Christopher Edmonds discusses the latest issue of the Pacific Economic Monitor, which talks about the challenges that Pacific economies face in creating more jobs for their rapidly growing working-age populations.

Press statement by Senior Social Development Specialist Susann Roth at the launch of the joint ADB/UNAIDS/AFC communication campaign on HIV/AIDS through football, "Protect the Goal".

An ADB-supported renewable energy initiative is changing the lives of poor communities on Sumba island, transforming this little corner of the Indonesian archipelago into an exemplary green energy project.

Head of Trade Finance Steven Beck explains how ADB's trade finance program supports economic growth, job creation and ultimately poverty alleviation efforts in developing countries across Asia and the Pacific.

ADB has been working with the Government of Kazakhstan since the country's independence in 1991. A partnership that has helped Kazakhstan move from a centrally planned to a market-driven economy. It is now an upper middle-income country with healthy prospects, but challenges remain as it strives to diversify its economy, become more competitive and ensure growth is inclusive.

Having undertaken a review of its guiding policy document Strategy 2020, ADB is realigning its operations to emphasize inclusiveness, promote innovation and resilience, and strengthen support for middle-income countries. President Nakao discusses the results of the review and outlines how ADB will refocus to better meet the needs of a rapidly changing region.

In landlocked Kazakhstan, connectivity is key to economic development. The government is upgrading more than 2,700 km of road to eventually link the People's Republic of China to Europe. The Asian Development Bank, along with partners, is funding a 4 (Text description is broken on Brightcove)

Diversifying the economy is a priority for the government of Kazakhstan. In partnership with ADB, the government is helping businesses to grow and become regionally competitive.

Most of the future economic growth in Kazakhstan is likely to be powered by small and medium businesses. Many of these companies are expanding, providing jobs and creating wealth, with help from ADB.

The Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund is managed by the ADB and is helping to build and run infrastructure to promote security and drive development. The governments of the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan are providing an additional $286 million to the fund.