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In the remote mountain area in Dehong prefecture, Yunnan province, women play a more meaningful role in society besides farming and doing housework: they maintain the condition of the roads.

In Bamyan, a simple shed creates opportunities for farmers to store their potatoes and increase profits. And the local potato consumers benefit too.

Burgeoning regional road networks are creating jobs and helping commerce blossom in Central Asia.

An ADB assisted project provides solar lanterns to rural villages in northern India, empowering communities to study, do chores and lead more productive lives at night.

India’s largest photovaltaic solar power plant and another ADB-financed solar energy project in the Great Indian Thar Desert aim to spark private sector interest and investment.

An ADB funded program provides IT training and facilities to a primary school in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.

ADB is funding insulating material to help poor Mongolians stay warm against the Siberian winter in their tent-like homes.

An ADB-funded scholarship program changes the life of a poor but deserving scholar in the central Philippine city of Cebu.

ADB is providing USD400 million for a conditional cash transfer program that will put money directly in the hands of over a half a million of the Philippines’ poorest families.

An ADB funded-book charts the startling changes in food supply chains in three Asian countries.