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ADB management and subject experts share knowledge, views, and insights on development issues in op-ed articles and opinion pieces published in international and regional publications.


Title Author Publication Date
Fast tracking Myanmar’s reform Groff, Stephen P. Livemint, Bangkok Post, Huffington Post 19 Oct 2014
Asia continues to integrate: A pragmatic, step-by-step approach Nakao, Takehiko Cambodia Daily, Jakarta Post, Malaysian Insider, BusinessWorld, Business Times Singapore 13 Oct 2014
Killer on the loose again as malaria menaces Asia Moser, Patricia The Nation, Phnom Penh Post, Vientiane Times 10 Oct 2014
Project finance in Asia and the evolving role of the multilateral development banks Barrow, Michael Euromoney Emerging Markets Handbook 10 Oct 2014
Myanmar cannot afford to pass up reform Park, Cyn-Young East Asia Forum, The Establishment Post 1 Oct 2014
Asia's economies need to innovate - or stagnate Lohani, Bindu N. Straits Times, Jakarta Globe, Business Standard, Vlast 12 Sep 2014
Unlocking Myanmar’s Potential
Park, Cyn-Young
Wicklein, Winfried F.
Myanmar Times 11 Sep 2014
Impact evaluations to guide policy Thomas, Vinod Devex 3 Sep 2014
Banking on the AEC Ng, Thiam Hee Jakarta Globe, East Asia Forum 2 Sep 2014
PH Poised to Become a Rising Star of Asia Nakao, Takehiko Philippine Daily Inquirer 30 Aug 2014
Asia's transformation through better governance Thomas, Vinod Devex 29 Aug 2014
Time to Adapt to Climate Change in South Asia Lohani, Bindu N. Daily Star, The Island, Kuensel, Mint, Katmandu Post 20 Aug 2014
Bridge the income gap to create a future Asia’s poor deserve Zhuang, Juzhong Financial Times, FT.com 6 Aug 2014
From farm to fork - combating Asia’s hidden hunger Lohani, Bindu N. Development Progress 31 Jul 2014
Asia's elevated risks Azis, Iwan Business Times Singapore 30 Jul 2014
Asean's infrastructure crisis Groff, Stephen P. The Wall Street Journal Asia, WSJ.com 29 Jul 2014
10 Years of Service Jauncey, Robert Fiji Times 28 Jul 2014
Working Together on the Next Generation of Infrastructure Rosenthal, Shane Timor Post, PacNews, Solomon Star 25 Jul 2014
Emerging Asia should brace for higher global interest rates Park, Cyn-Young Asia Sentinel 10 Jul 2014
TPPing into irrelevance Menon, Jayant Korea Herald, Business Times Singapore, Malaysian Insider, National Business Review, The Nation, Philippine Star 2 Jul 2014
Asia’s path to low carbon Lohani, Bindu N. Phnom Penh Post, KPL News, BusinessWorld, Daily Star, Fiji Times 1 Jul 2014
Asia must mind the gaps to secure its future Groff, Stephen P. Development Progress 30 Jun 2014
Poverty eradication goals are ‘a cruel joke' Bhushan, Indu Asia Sentinel 24 Jun 2014
A troubling conundrum Thomas, Vinod Philippine Daily Inquirer 16 Jun 2014
Solving the global trade jigsaw puzzle Menon, Jayant Jakarta Post, Bangkok Post, Malaysian Insider, MSN.com 12 Jun 2014
World environment and new pledge for green economies Ahmad, Nessim J. The Jakarta Post, Bangkok Post, South China Morning Post, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nepal Tiimes 5 Jun 2014
Asia's elderly care problem needn't become a crisis Handayani, Sri Wening South China Morning Post 2 Jun 2014
Sustaining GDP growth through greater inclusion Thomas, Vinod Bangkok Post 3 May 2014
Disaster Risk Financing Needed to Help Safeguard Asia-Pacific from Future Hazards Lohani, Bindu N. Financial Times' Beyondbrics blog 29 Apr 2014
Asia's exclusive growth is leaving too many behind Thomas, Vinod South China Morning Post 10 Apr 2014
How small bites take a big chunk out of healthy economies and households Groff, Stephen P. South China Morning Post 7 Apr 2014
Reduce inequality to sustain economic growth Thomas, Vinod China Daily - Hong Kong Edition 31 Mar 2014
The road to public finance reform Nakao, Takehiko China Daily 25 Mar 2014
Unlocking Yunnan's full potential through regional cooperation Nakao, Takehiko Yunnan Daily 21 Mar 2014
Asia Pacific post-2015 priorities, MDG8 and Global Partnerships Groff, Stephen P. Effective Development Co-operation Blog 10 Feb 2014
Innovative solutions to help Asian cities grow green Lohani, Bindu N. Climate Action Programme 22 Jan 2014
Market reforms enter new era Nakao, Takehiko China Daily - Europe Weekly 11 Jan 2014
Countries need to start investing in disaster readiness Thomas, Vinod Bangkok Post 10 Jan 2014


Title Author Publication Date
After Yolanda: The road to recovery Nakao, Takehiko The Philippine Star 15 Dec 2013
This time we must all be Filipino Groff, Stephen P. Philippine Daily Inquirer 29 Nov 2013
Building to Withstand the Next Haiyan Kim, Gil-Hong The Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2013
Climate change, food security in Asia Thomas, Vinod Bangkok Post 27 Nov 2013
East Asia needs united approach to climate change Groff, Stephen P. The Korea Herald, Nikkei 25 Nov 2013
Typhoon Haiyan should spur climate change action Thomas, Vinod The Guardian Environment Blog 18 Nov 2013
Infrastructure development in fragile states: is it worth it? Safran, Patrick The Guardian Professional Networks 18 Nov 2013
Bangladesh's efforts on capital market reforms
Carrasco, Bruno
Shah, Syed Ali-Mumtaz H
The Financial Express Bangladesh 10 Nov 2013
The Chinese dream comes with a price tag Konishi, Ayumi China Daily - Europe Weekly 8 Nov 2013
A cocktail of cooperation to combat malaria Um, Woochong Jakarta Post; South China Morning Post 31 Oct 2013
A more integrated Solomon Islands is key to achieving inclusive economic growth Yao, Xianbin Solomon Star News 29 Oct 2013
Regional Infrastructure Connectivity: What, how and when? Groff, Stephen P. Boao Review 23 Oct 2013
Shifting the Gear toward Green Growth Groff, Stephen P. People's Daily 18 Oct 2013
Beating climate change impact with preparedness Thomas, Vinod The Nation 29 Sep 2013
Now invest in Asia's future Azis, Iwan China Daily, Jakarta Post 27 Sep 2013
Private Investment and Economic Stability Support Each Other Groff, Stephen P. Mongolia Daily News; National Post 18 Sep 2013
Skirting the Middle-Income Trap Thomas, Vinod Daily Mirror 17 Sep 2013
We can read, but can we consider ourselves financially literate? Groff, Stephen P. Huffington Post; Bangkok Post; Daily Mirror 13 Sep 2013
Spike in climate-related disasters Thomas, Vinod Marshall Islands Journal 6 Sep 2013
A green agenda will nurture Asia's growth Thomas, Vinod South China Morning Post 5 Sep 2013
Why the food security bill matters to developing Asia Thomas, Vinod Economic Times 16 Aug 2013
Universal recipe will secure prosperity for all
Iffland, Andrea
Holden, Paul
The National 8 Aug 2013
Preparing better for more frequent natural disasters Thomas, Vinod Philippine Daily Inquirer 17 Jul 2013
Will Asia's largest FTA make a difference? Menon, Jayant The Jakarta Post; Bangkok Post 1 Jul 2013
Environment issues hitting the economy Thomas, Vinod Business Times Singapore 20 Jun 2013
A post-2015 agenda for Asia Thomas, Vinod The Korea Herald 5 Jun 2013
South Asia confronts displacement Edes, Bart W The Daily Star 24 May 2013
Faster progress in education and health Thomas, Vinod Philippine Daily Inquirer 22 May 2013
Infrastructure financing: How to raise $1 trillion Carrasco, Bruno Business Standard 2 May 2013
Feeding Asia's energy appetite Rhee, Changyong Business Times Singapore; The Express Tribune; Economic Times 1 May 2013
Building Knowledge Economies in Asean Requires Education, Innovation Lohani, Bindu N. Jakarta Globe; Phnom Penh Post 30 Apr 2013
Asia's cooperation insufficient Groff, Stephen P. China Daily, The Nation 8 Apr 2013
Powering the Pacific Groff, Stephen P. National Business Review 28 Mar 2013
Fiscal reforms adapt to China's condition Groff, Stephen P. Global Times 24 Mar 2013
Regional co-operation is vital Brimble, Peter J. The Phnom Penh Post 11 Mar 2013
The challenge of a graying China
Wihtol, Robert F.
Fernandez Lommen, Yolanda
China Daily 6 Mar 2013
Reducing income inequality an urgent task Zhuang, Juzhong China Daily 4 Mar 2013
A new growth paradigm Thomas, Vinod Philippine Daily Inquirer 21 Feb 2013
India's economic recovery depends on meaningful reforms Kuroda, Haruhiko The Guardian; China Daily; Bangkok Post 18 Feb 2013
Closing the rich-poor divide in PNG Groff, Stephen P. "ADB: PNG Unlikely to Meet MDG Goals" The National 11 Feb 2013
Myanmar: Cautionary Tales for a Country on the Move Groff, Stephen P. Bangkok Post; South China Morning Post; Huffington Post 2 Feb 2013
Why urbanization may benefit the environment Wan, Guanghua Business Times Singapore 23 Jan 2013
Avoiding the middle-income trap Park, Donghyun Financial Express 12 Jan 2013


Title Author Publication Date
Eurozone crisis won’t stop Asia’s economic integration Azis, Iwan Embassy (Canada) 12 Dec 2012
Asia-Pacific's vulnerability to climate change Lohani, Bindu N. Straits Times; Korea Herald; Jakarta Post; Philippine Daily Inquirer; South China Morning Post 29 Nov 2012
How China can avoid the middle income trap Zhuang, Juzhong South China Morning Post 12 Nov 2012
A brighter future for the Pacific: An interview with ADB Vice-President Stephen Groff (Part II) Groff, Stephen P. Australian National University's Development Policy Blog 8 Nov 2012
The future of the ADB: An interview with ADB Vice-President Stephen Groff (Part I) Groff, Stephen P. Australian National University's Development Policy Blog 6 Nov 2012
Income distribution is the key
Wihtol, Robert F.
Fernandez Lommen, Yolanda
China Daily 30 Oct 2012
Pacific Islands: Renaissance in Long-Overlooked Region? Groff, Stephen P. Huffington Post 17 Oct 2012
Asian manufacturing slows, but services have been slow to fill the gap Rhee, Changyong South China Morning Post 14 Oct 2012
Why investing in Myanmar matters Groff, Stephen P. The Hill 8 Oct 2012
The unfinished poverty agenda Thomas, Vinod China Daily 28 Sep 2012
New Development Goals for the planet of Earth Thomas, Vinod Jakarta Post 21 Sep 2012
Gearing Up for Knowledge Economy
Wihtol, Robert F.
Fernandez Lommen, Yolanda
China Daily 20 Sep 2012
Making growth more inclusive Thomas, Vinod Business Times Singapore 19 Sep 2012
Inclusive growth will lift Asia's boats Thomas, Vinod Bangkok Post 31 Aug 2012
The landscape of Asia's megacities Rhee, Changyong New Straits Times; Straits Times; South China Morning Post 31 Aug 2012
Myanmar has the potential to become Asia's rising star Groff, Stephen P. The Nation; BusinessWorld; The Daily Star; South China Morning Post; China Daily; The Statesman; Embassy 22 Aug 2012
Cities, Prepare for a Rainy Day Masic, Joanna China Daily 17 Aug 2012
Afghanistan's Next Steps Kuroda, Haruhiko U.S. News & World Report 3 Aug 2012
Essential to sustain high growth Thomas, Vinod China Daily 27 Jul 2012
Structural Reforms Remain Important
Wihtol, Robert F.
Fernandez Lommen, Yolanda
China Daily 16 Jul 2012
Myanmar: potential to prosper Groff, Stephen P. Bangkok Post 3 Jul 2012
How to make trade easier Kuroda, Haruhiko BusinessDay; Gulf Times 28 Jun 2012
Asia's new social focus Groff, Stephen P. Straits Times 21 Jun 2012
Asia's financial safety net a dead loss Menon, Jayant Bangkok Post; Jakarta Post 15 Jun 2012
Confronting Asia’s Energy Challenge Groff, Stephen P. BusinessWorld; Huffington Post 6 Jun 2012
Timor-Leste has much to celebrate on its 10th birthday Groff, Stephen P. The Guardian; Huffington Post 31 May 2012
Inequality is the real threat to Asia's growth miracle Rhee, Changyong Financial Times 8 May 2012
From Galleons to Globalization Kuroda, Haruhiko China Daily; Bangkok Post; New Straits Times; South China Morning Post; Express-Tribune; Economic Times (India); Jakarta Post 4 May 2012
For a Better Road to Development, Asia Must Attract Private Partners Erquiaga, Philip C. The Jakarta Globe 3 May 2012
The new roadblock to prosperity Thomas, Vinod Philippine Daily Inquirer 30 Apr 2012
Out of poverty with job creation Senga, Kunio Philippine Daily Inquirer 26 Apr 2012
The lure of Indonesian investment Lohani, Bindu N. The Jakarta Post 26 Apr 2012
Time to see climate action as pro-growth Thomas, Vinod South China Morning Post; Straits Times 23 Apr 2012
Will this be the 'Asian century'? Groff, Stephen P. The Guardian: Poverty Matters Blog 18 Apr 2012
Supporting Sustainable Urbanization Groff, Stephen P. China Daily 9 Apr 2012
Cash Transfer in the Chocolate Hills
Lahiri, Ashok K.
Sinha, Samir K.
LiveMint.com 1 Apr 2012
Indonesia risks falling into the middle-income trap Rhee, Changyong Jakarta Globe 27 Mar 2012
Meeting the Funding Challenge Venkatachalam, Lakshmi Economic Times 22 Mar 2012
First Steps: The Road to Prosperity in Myanmar Groff, Stephen P. South China Morning Post; The Nation; Huffington Post 15 Mar 2012
More Sustainable Growth
Heytens, Paul J.
Fernandez Lommen, Yolanda
China Daily 5 Mar 2012
ADB and New Zealand Partner to Help Improve Domestic Shipping Services in Vanuatu Zhukov, Eugenue G. Islands Business 1 Mar 2012
Spurring Small Business to Secure a Prosperous Future Venkatachalam, Lakshmi Timor Post 3 Feb 2012
How America Can Profit From the 'Asian Century' Groff, Stephen P. Huffington Post 2 Feb 2012
Promote inclusive growth through trade in Asia Groff, Stephen P. Embassy Magazine 1 Feb 2012
Asia in the Year of the Dragon Kuroda, Haruhiko Bangkok Post; Today; BusinessWorld 24 Jan 2012
Solutions for economy and climate Thomas, Vinod The Korea Herald 20 Jan 2012
Asia's Rising Stars: Where Does the Philippines Stand? Groff, Stephen P. Philippines Inquirer 19 Jan 2012
3 ideas that are good for both economy and environment Thomas, Vinod The Guardian 6 Jan 2012


Title Author Publication Date
Prioritizing Climate Change Adaptation in Asia and the Pacific Kuroda, Haruhiko Bangkok Post; Straits Times; South China Morning Post; The Korea Herald; The Jakarta Post; Japan Times 31 Dec 2011
Comment: Close the gaps Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula D + C 30 Nov 2011
Making development aid work Groff, Stephen P. The Korea Herald; The Huffington Post; China Daily 29 Nov 2011
Insight: Tap the potential of the masses to lift growth Thomas, Vinod South China Morning Post 29 Nov 2011
Afghanistan: the place ‘in-between’ Miranda, Juan The Express Tribune 23 Nov 2011
Remarkable Indonesia: What's Next? Groff, Stephen P. Jakarta Globe 21 Nov 2011
How we can protect the elixir of life
Radstake, Frank
Zhou, Yaozhou
China Daily 15 Nov 2011
Floods in Thailand cause rising tide of concern Thomas, Vinod China Daily 4 Nov 2011
Food price inflation: Slaying the hydra Azis, Iwan The Straits Times; Phnom Penh Post; Vietnamplus; Philippine Daily Inquirer; The Australian; The Jakarta Post; The Korea Herald; South China Morning Post; Business Standard (India); The Express Tribune 29 Oct 2011
Two faces of Asia's economic success Rhee, Changyong The Straits Times 27 Aug 2011
Opinion: A prosperous Asia good for Australia Kuroda, Haruhiko Australian Financial Review 17 Aug 2011
Financial integration, contagion in Asia
Azis, Iwan
Park, Cyn-Young
BusinessWorld; China Daily; Bangkok Post; Jakarta Post 9 Aug 2011
How to fight natural disasters Zhang, Qingfeng China Daily 28 Jun 2011
Is the Asian Century upon us? It depends Kuroda, Haruhiko Globe and Mail; China Daily 6 May 2011
Global Imbalances: The South-South Answer Rhee, Changyong The Wall Street Journal 1 May 2011
Two Challenges for Asia's Economy in 2011 Rhee, Changyong The Jakarta Post 7 Apr 2011
Japanese Lessons on Reducing Disaster Risk Kuroda, Haruhiko The Japan Times, South China Morning Post 20 Mar 2011


Title Author Publication Date
How to Outgrow an Export-Led Economy Lee, Jong-Wha South China Morning Post 6 Oct 2010
Closing the Gap: Focus on Basic Infrastructure to Meet the MDGs Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula 4 Oct 2010
As Go the Fortunes of Asia's Emerging Middle Class, So Goes Fate of the Poor Lee, Jong-Wha Jakarta Globe 23 Aug 2010
Time for East Asia to Unwind Its Economic Policy Stimulus Madhur, Srinivasa The Straits Times 22 Jul 2010
Asia's Growing Pains Zhuang, Juzhong The Straits Times 2 Jul 2010
Point of View: Japan Must Help PRC Reshape Its Economy Greenwood, C. Lawrence Jr. The Asahi Shimbun Globe 18 May 2010
ASEAN's Key Role in our Future
Menon, Jayant
Hill, Hal
Australian Financial Review 14 Apr 2010
How CAREC Stands to Build a Prosperous Central Asia Miranda, Juan Business Report (Uzbekistan) 14 Apr 2010
Finding The Right Exit From The Financial Crisis Lee, Jong-Wha South China Morning Post 14 Apr 2010
Indonesia Joins Top Rank Of Climate Action Leadership
Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula
Sierra, Katherine
The Jakarta Post 23 Mar 2010
The New Face of Climate Leadership
Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula
Sierra, Katherine
BusinessWorld 16 Mar 2010
Europe-East Asia Economies Ties: Good for Asia, Good for Europe Wignaraja, Ganeshan Il Sole 24 Ore 1 Feb 2010


Title Author Publication Date
Wanted - A Pact That Reflects Bangkok's Needs Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula Bangkok Post 1 Oct 2009
Asia's Delicate Balancing Act in Globalization Lee, Jong-Wha The Straits Times 22 Sep 2009
Time to Make Asian Regionalism a Reality Kuroda, Haruhiko The Straits Times 12 Sep 2009
ADB Sees Asian Recovery Leading the Way Lee, Jong-Wha Bangkok Post 24 Jul 2009
Asia and the Climate Crisis Kuroda, Haruhiko The Japan Times 27 Jun 2009
A 2020 Vision for the Mekong's Subregion Thapan, Arjun The Nation 16 Jun 2009
Why Global Warming Could Make or Break South-East Asia
Kuroda, Haruhiko
Stern, Nicholas
guardian.co.uk 5 May 2009
The ADB Is Helping Asia's Poorest Kuroda, Haruhiko The Wall Street Journal Asia 1 May 2009
Green Stimulus for Southeast Asia
Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula
Salim, Emil
The Jakarta Post 29 Apr 2009
Crisis an Opportunity to Rebalance Asian Growth Lee, Jong-Wha China Daily 2 Apr 2009


Title Author Publication Date
Rethinking the Way We Count the World's Poor Ali, Ifzal South China Morning Post 4 Sep 2008
Cities Can and Must Cut Energy Use Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula The Straits Times 25 Jun 2008
Back to Basics on Asian Trade
Hill, Hal
Menon, Jayant
Far Eastern Economic Review 6 Jun 2008
Solving Asia's Food Crisis Kuroda, Haruhiko The Wall Street Journal Asia 5 May 2008
A Broad Asian FTA Will Bring Big Gains
Kawai, Masahiro
Wignaraja, Ganeshan
Far Eastern Economic Review 4 Apr 2008
Mekong's Conundrum on Climate Change Thapan, Arjun Bangkok Post 31 Mar 2008
Preventative Medicine Lee, Jong-Wha South China Morning Post 15 Jan 2008
Need for Inclusive Growth Nag, Rajat M. Deccan Herald 9 Jan 2008
Alphabet Soup and the ASEAN Neighborhoods Green, David Jay The Jakarta Post 3 Jan 2008


Title Author Publication Date
Aiding Trade
Kuroda, Haruhiko
Lamy, Pascal
The Wall Street Journal Asia 20 Sep 2007
Asia's Growth Threatened by Rising Inequalities Ali, Ifzal South China Morning Post 9 Aug 2007
Capital Inflows: Too Much of a Good Thing? Lee, Jong-Wha Bangkok Post 17 Jul 2007
Learning to Live with Asia's Expanding Cities Schaefer-Preuss, Ursula The Daily Yomiuri 2 May 2007
Divided or Cursed? Ali, Ifzal The Mint (India) 16 Mar 2007
Clouds over Asia's Future Lohani, Bindu N. D+C Magazine 1 Mar 2007
Way Out of Stormy Waters for Pacific Islands Erquiaga, Philip C. Financial Times 19 Feb 2007


Title Author Publication Date
Indonesia's Future Depends on Infrastructure Greenwood, C. Lawrence Jr. The Jakarta Post 1 Nov 2006
The Hard Truth behind Asia's Boom Ali, Ifzal International Herald Tribune 23 Aug 2006
The Right Kind of Growth for Asia Kuroda, Haruhiko International Herald Tribune 3 May 2006
Asia Needs an Ambitious Doha Outcome Ali, Ifzal The Japan Times 2 May 2006
Job Creation Critical to India's Development Ali, Ifzal The Financial Express 2 May 2006
Regional Co-op Key to Central Asian Integration Kuroda, Haruhiko China Daily 6 Feb 2006


Title Author Publication Date
Asia United: How Far Should We Go with Regional Integration? Kuroda, Haruhiko Readers Digest 1 Dec 2005
HIV Prevention in Asia
Rao, Prasada
Lohani, Bindu N.
The Jakarta Post 1 Dec 2005
Is Water a Human Right? Lohani, Bindu N. The Manila Times 19 Nov 2005
Mekong a Difference Nag, Rajat M. Hindustan Times 8 Nov 2005
Chance to Avert Tragedy of Bird Flu Pandemic Kuroda, Haruhiko Financial Times 20 Oct 2005
Asia Must Find Ways to Prioritise Job Growth Ali, Ifzal Financial Times 21 Sep 2005
A Future within Reach?
Kim, Hak-Su
Pasha, Hafiz
Van Der Linden, Geert H.P.B.
The Manila Times 7 Sep 2005
Mekong Area Faces Environmental Challenges Jin, Liqun China Daily 23 Jun 2005
Can India Live Up to Its Potential? Ali, Ifzal The Straits Times 16 Jun 2005
Maldives Faces Opportunity in Wake of Tragedy Jin, Liqun The Standard 2 Mar 2005
The Investment Slide: Can the Philippines Catch Up? Crouch, Thomas Philippine Daily Inquirer 27 Jan 2005
On the Mekong, a New Era Quietly Takes Shape Nag, Rajat M. International Herald Tribune 17 Jan 2005