Finding Mitigation and Adaptation Opportunity in a Climate Changing World

Opening Remark by Adrian Ruthenberg, ADB Country Director, at the 1st CAREC and Climate Change Workshop: Finding Mitigation and Adaptation Opportunity in a Climate Changing World, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Good morning ladies and gentlemen:

On behalf of ADB and Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) secretariat, I'd like to join the Vice Minister of Environment Protection to warmly welcome you to this workshop on Finding Mitigation and Adaptation Opportunity in a Climate Changing World.

As you are all well aware, climate change has been increasingly affecting the world including Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Combating climate change requires a global solution built on a common but differentiated responsibility. CAREC countries should play an active part in working towards such global actions.

While CAREC countries have made considerable efforts in mitigating and adapting to climate change impact, much more is needed to mainstream adaptation in development planning.

In this regard, international funding and technology transfer are critical for the success of adaptation and mitigation actions in the CAREC region. Therefore this region should enhance its capacities to make better use of the existing and potential funding sources.

ADB is strongly committed to combating climate change. Over the last several years, ADB has been actively invested in KAZ. Its total public loan commitments amounted to more than $2 billion, covering 18 projects. ADB has been and will continue working with the government to address climate change issues and opportunities, particularly in sectors such as infrastructure, natural resources, SME development, power and energy, including energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy development.

In addition to the lending program, ADB will also serve as a facilitator and knowledge broker in this area. I can ensure you that ADB will respond to your needs and requests, and to partner with you and other development partners in mitigating and adapting climate change.

This one-day course is designed to strengthen the capacity of the participants to identify climate change opportunities within government's current and pipeline investment portfolio. I believe the workshop is very timely in this regard.

Taking this opportunity, I'd like to express my appreciation for the strong support of the Government which made the workshop possible.

I am glad that ADB have a very strong team here today in this area. All presenters at this workshop are ADB experienced specialist. They are:

Mr. Peter Hayes, Senior Climate Change Specialist. He has worked in 54 countries, developing 350 projects and tools on climate risk management and adaptation, CDM and disaster risk reduction.

Mr. Neil R. Britton is the Principal Disaster Risk Management Specialist;

Mr. Rey Guarin is the Carbon Market Specialist, and

Ms. Cinzia Losenno is the Senior climate Change Adaptation Specialist.

They all have strong knowledge and extensive experience on climate change mitigation and adaptation. I am sure you will find their presentations very interesting and educational. Hopefully, at the end of the workshop, you will have much better understanding on:

the projected impacts of climate change for the CAREC region
how to integrate climate change mitigation [Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)] and adaptation (climate-proofing/resiliency) considerations into their projects
how to design climate change projects for further investment
With your active participation, I trust the workshop will be beneficial and productive for all of you.

Thank you!