ADB's Program in Tajikistan Stresses Inclusive Growth

DUSHANBE, TAJIKISTAN - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) plans a $137 million grant program for Tajikistan to support inclusive growth over the next two years by creating economic opportunities and ensuring greater access to growth. The indicative program is described in a recently endorsed Country Operations Business Plan (COBP) for 2013-2014, essentially a pipeline of projects that ADB wishes to support.

“ADB’s resources are limited, and we really have to target the most severe bottlenecks in key sectors, such as energy and transport, and cultivate an enabling environment for private investment,” said C.C. Yu, ADB’s Country Director for Tajikistan. “ADB will also continue to support regional cooperation, capacity building and governance, climate change, and gender mainstreaming.”

The 2013-2014 indicative assistance pipeline includes projects to rehabilitate the Golovnaya hydropower plant, develop the power sector, and improve regional road corridors. The COBP also comprises projects to build climate resilience in the Pyanj River basin, streamline tax systems, and strengthen private sector participation in higher education and technical and vocational education and training.

Tajikistan joined ADB in 1998, and to date the institution has cumulatively approved a total assistance of more than $966 million in concessional loans, grants, and technical assistance to the country. ADB’s operations benefit the population by reducing isolation, increasing communication, broadening access to electricity, improving social services, and creating more income-generating opportunities.