Naomi Chakwin

Naomi Chakwin

Naomi Chakwin is the Representative of the European Representative Office, ADB.

Naomi Chakwin joined the European Representative Office (ERO) of ADB on 29 August 2011. She reports directly to ADB’s Managing Director General and in coordination with the Director General of the Strategy and Policy Department.

Ms. Chakwin has 25 years of international experience, the majority of which has been in Asia. Before joining ERO, Ms. Chakwin headed the financial sector division in the East Asia Department. She has extensive development experience in regulation, pensions systems, microfinance, and trade facilitation and has worked in related areas of evaluation and program design. She has worked with three multilateral organizations - ADB, the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Ms. Chakwin has strong leadership, management, and development skills. She uses her expertise to balance initiative, innovation, and accountability to draw lessons from experience for informed decisions about future directions and actions. She inspires her team to think about current trends and future implications and to try new approaches, while balancing the needs of clients. In all of her jobs, Naomi collaborated with and supported peers, and in her supervisory roles coached and fostered the knowledge of her team members and the team as a whole.

Ms. Chakwin is an economist with a PhD specializing in money and banking and international trade. She was a member of the American Economic Association and served as Board member of the first venture capital fund in Samoa.

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