ADB's North American Representative Office: FAQs

Established in 1995, the North American Representative Office (NARO) is responsible for building up the ADB's strategic partnerships and working relationships in Canada and the United States. NARO does this through increasing public awareness and coalition-building with:

  • Governments of Canada and the United States
  • North America-based bilateral and multilateral development and financial institutions, as well as the United Nations
  • The North American business community
  • Civil society organisations
  • North American media
  • Academia
  • Other interested parties in North America


  • Canada is the second largest shareholder in ADB among its nonregional members.
  • Overall, Canada is the sixth largest shareholder.
  • Number of shares held: 555,258 (5.254% of total shares)
  • Votes: 594,688 (4.502% of total membership, 12.904% of total nonregional membership)
  • Overall capital subscription: $8.04 billion
  • Paid-in capital subscription: $402.19 million

The United States

  • The United States is one of the two largest shareholders in ADB; the other is Japan.
  • Number of shares held: 1,645,007 (15.567% of total shares)
  • Votes: 1,684,437 (12.752% of total membership, 36.551% of total nonregional membership)
  • Overall capital subscription: $23.83 billion
  • Paid-in capital subscription: $1.19 billion
All ADB publications are available online. You may also order a copy from ADB's Publishing Team in Manila, Philippines.

The ADB Annual Report, Asian Development Outlook (ADO), and Asian Economic Integration Monitor are available online. The ADO is a series of annual economic reports on the developing member countries (DMCs) of ADB. The Asian Economic Integration Monitor is a semiannual review of Asia's regional economic cooperation and integration.

Other ADB economic reports are available from the Data and Research section of this website.

As of December 2014, ADB has 2,997 employees from 60 of its 67 members. ADB is headquartered in Manila, Philippines, and has 29 resident missions and 3 representative offices in Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Washington, DC.

ADB also has the ADB Institute based in Tokyo.

From November to March, Manila, Philippines is 13 hours ahead of Washington, DC (Eastern Standard Time). For example, 8 a.m. 15 March in Manila is 7 p.m. 14 March in Washington, DC.

From end-March to October, Manila is 12 hours ahead of Washington, DC. (Eastern Daylight Time). For example, 8 a.m. in Manila, 15 July is 8 p.m. in Washington, DC, 14 July.