Infographic: ADO Update 2012 - Services and Asia's Future Growth

Service sector development will be the central theme of Asia's structural change in the coming years. Rising income levels and rapid expansion of the middle class are driving the demand for services, and some countries are at or approaching the post-industrial stage where services typically assume a bigger role.

Green Cities, Urbanization and Municipal Development in Asia

Urban expansion in Asia presents both opportunities and challenges for the region and the world, as it can help address some environmental problems if managed well. Here are 12 things to know about green urbanization in Asia.

Infographic: Ecological Footprint and Investment in Natural Capital

See which countries have the largest and smallest ecological footprint in Asia.

Infographic: Asian Development Outlook 2012

Although developing Asia has made great strides in raising living standards and reducing poverty, swelling income disparities threaten to undermine that success.

Unfair Economic Growth in Asia

New figures from ADB's Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2012 show inequality is on the rise across the region - casting a shadow over Asia's ongoing economic success.

Facts and Data about Health in the Pacific

Good health is a prerequisite to development - healthy people help communities grow and economies prosper. Here are 12 facts about the state of health in Pacific Island countries and why they are major concerns for ADB.

Fiji Roads, Farming and Education

A new road in northern Tailevu is bringing business, farming, and better education opportunities to a formerly isolated region.

Fiji Roads, Tourism and Cultural Traditions

A last stretch of roadworks has led to an unexpected revival of tradition while offering promising prospects for trade, tourism, and education.

Fiji Water and Sewage Skills Training

For youths at a training center in Fiji, an ADB-funded Water Supply and Sewerage Project equals opportunities to learn
and secure a brighter future.

Fiji Water Supply and Fish Export

A steady supply of clean water is ensuring that Fiji continues to export fish, while the Water Authority of Fiji repairs leakages to guarantee future supplies.