The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved the following loan: Cambodia: Third Education Sector Development Program


Although Cambodia has made significant strides in increasing access, universal nine-year basic education has yet to be achieved. This loan will support the government to improve the quality, relevance, and management of lower secondary education through school improvement grants aimed at addressing issues of repetition and dropout, capacity building for school-based management and school support committees, teacher preparation in key areas of math and science education, and introduction of an employability skills program.

The loan will help the government build 60 new lower secondary schools, and expand a further 28. Twenty-two primary schools will be expanded to include lower secondary classrooms. Housing for teachers will be built in the 14 provinces, and for teacher trainees from remote, rural areas. Clean water and lavatory facilities for 76 lower secondary schools will also be constructed.


$30 million policy-based and project loans from the Asian Development Fund.

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