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PDS Creation Date
PDS Updated as of 18 Mar 2011

Project Name Community-Based Infrastructure Services
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Project/Program Number 31197-012
Status Approved
Geographical Location Chui, Dzhalal-Abad, Naryn, and Osh
In preparing any country program or strategy, financing any project, or by making any designation of, or reference to, a particular territory or geographic area in this document, the Asian Development Bank does not intend to make any judgments as to the legal or other status of any territory or area.
Sector Multisector
Subsector Multisector
Strategic Agendas
Drivers of Change
Gender Equity and Mainstreaming Categories


Type/Modality of Assistance Approval Number Source of Funding Approved Amount (thousand)
Technical Assistance3048-0

Summary of Environmental and Social Issues

Environmental Aspects
Involuntary Resettlement
Indigenous Peoples

Stakeholder Communication, Participation and Consultation

During Project Design
During Project Implementation


The main objectives of the TA are to (i) analyze and propose measures to strengthen rural infrastructure development policies, including the preparation of a medium-term rural investment program and a national water sector profile; (ii) prepare a program for capacity building of WUAs and LGUs; (iii) prepare about 20 representative sample subprojects, on average 5 in each of the four regions, for upgrading water supply, sanitation, and road linkages; and (iv) prepare a suitable sector Project for possible financing by the Bank covering 400 rural communities with populations ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 persons, and increase the coverage in the selected four regions to 90 percent by 2004. The TA comprises three parts:Part A-National Water Sector Profile/Medium-term Investment Program. A review of the sector/subsectors will be carried out and a medium-term investment program will be prepared, including an assessment of physical, institutional, and human resources in the sector/subsectors. Part B-Subprojects. Twenty representative sample subproject feasibility studies, on average five in each of the four regions, will be prepared covering (i) the technical, economic, and financial feasibility of the subproject components, cost estimates, analysis and community participation; and (iii) environmenal considerations. Part C-Institutional Capacity Building. A capacity building program will be outlined, including the training of the staff of WUAs and LGUs to strengthen their capacity to efficiently implement, operate, and maintain the facilities. It will cover (i) training in O&M with an emphasis on financial management; (ii) gradual expansion of the organizational structure, including assistance to the newly formed WUAs in identifying the required qualifications for key staff to be hired; (iii) development of planning, engineering, and financial capabilities of WUAs and LGUs; and (iv) depeding on the size and development level, computerization of administrative, accounting, billing and collection, engineering, and financial operations of WUAs and LGUs.

Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy

Development Impact

Project Outcome

Description of Outcome
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Description of Project Outputs
Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities, and Issues)
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Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing 2007 Jan 08
Consulting Services
International consulting services est imated at 15 person-months in the fields of institutional development, municipal engineering, economic/financial and environmental analyses and 34 person-months of inputs by local consultants in the fields of water supply and sanitationengineering, training, socioeconomic analyses, and communi ty participation activities.
Procurement and Consulting Notices


Concept Clearance
Fact-finding 12 Feb 1998 to 20 Feb 1998
Management Review Meeting
Approval 20 Jul 1998
Last Review Mission


Approval No. Approval Signing Effectivity Closing
Original Revised Actual
Technical Assistance 3048 20 Jul 1998 03 Aug 1998 03 Aug 1998 30 Apr 1999 30 Sep 2001


Date Approval Number ADB (US$ thousand) Others (US$ thousand) Net Percentage
Cumulative Contract Awards
Cumulative Disbursements

TA Amount (US$ thousand)

Approval Number Approved Amount Revised Amount Total Commitment Uncommitted Balance Total Disbursement Undisbursed Balance
Technical Assistance 3048 600 600 576 24 576 24

Contacts and Update Details

Responsible ADB Officer Peter Wallum (
Responsible ADB Department Central and West Asia Department
Responsible ADB Divisions Urban Development and Water Division, CWRD
Executing Agencies Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
Hon. Tynaev S.M.


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