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PDS Creation Date
PDS Updated as of 30 Sep 2014

Project Name Promoting Regional Knowledge Sharing Partnerships
Country Regional
Project/Program Number 46310-001
Status Approved
Geographical Location
In preparing any country program or strategy, financing any project, or by making any designation of, or reference to, a particular territory or geographic area in this document, the Asian Development Bank does not intend to make any judgments as to the legal or other status of any territory or area.
Sector Public sector management
Subsector Public sector management
Strategic Agendas Environmentally sustainable growth (ESG)
Inclusive economic growth (IEG)
Regional integration (RCI)
Drivers of Change Governance and capacity development (GCD)
Gender Equity and Mainstreaming Categories


Type/Modality of Assistance Approval Number Source of Funding Approved Amount (thousand)
Technical Assistance8430PRC Regional Coop. and Poverty Reduction Fund600

Summary of Environmental and Social Issues

Environmental Aspects
Involuntary Resettlement
Indigenous Peoples

Stakeholder Communication, Participation and Consultation

During Project Design
Regular consultations with the PRC Ministry of Finance are held in the design of the RKSI as well as on the status of proposed funding for the RKSI TA.
During Project Implementation


Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy

The TA will promote a regional knowledge sharing initiative (RKSI) by building on the gains from the KSP experience in PRC and knowledge support to MON. The TA will enhance the existing knowledge cooperation as well as regional cooperation among PRC, MON, and other DMCs. The TA will share development knowledge and experiences among DMCs. The TA will mobilize resources under the same framework of cooperation, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of knowledge sharing and establishing a knowledge center of excellence serving as platform for knowledge sharing. The TA will enable sharing of successful case studies and lessons learned from other DMCs through Knowledge Sharing Events (KSEs) and promote networking among knowledge institutions in the region, linking the RKSI with agencies in PRC, MON, and other DMCs.

Development Impact

Enhanced knowledge sharing and cooperation among PRC, MON and other developing countries in the Asia and Pacific region.

Project Outcome

Description of Outcome
Successful implementation of the RKSI, resulting in Increased awareness of best practices and emerging issues and challenges among PRC, MON and DMCs in the region
Progress Towards Outcome
Work in progress toward project outcome and impact.

Outputs and Implementation Progress

Description of Project Outputs
KSE workshops on development themes to enhance awareness on best practices and emerging development issues in the region Publications on results of the KSE workshops and policy research work Policy advice from international experts Study tours Interactive website on exchange of knowledge Demonstration projects on knowledge sharing Knowledge partnership agreements with centers of knowledge excellence
Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities, and Issues)
1. The ADB-PRC Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative (RKSI) was launched on 30 August 2012 in Beijing with high level PRC government officials in attendance. This marked the start of an new era of knowledge sharing support to PRC by ADB. 2. Initial RKSI-related activities followed, namely: (a) Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Development: Ecological Progress and the Role of International Communities, 14 January 2013, Beijing, attended by 60 participants and which was organized with the Ministry of Environmental Protection by EAER, with logistical support by RKSI. (b) the ADB-Asia Pacific Finance and Development Center (AFDC) International Seminar on Fiscal and Tax Policy Reform, 21 May 2013, Shanghai. (c) the ADB-International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) International Seminar on Urban Poverty and Liveable Cities (24-25 June 2013, Suqian, Jiangsu Province, PRC, with over 110 participants from various PRC ministries and local governments and international experts from Bangladesh, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, PRC, Thailand, USA and Viet Nam). A publication on urban poverty is for finalization. (d) Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships in Urbanization, 22-23 August 2013, Beijing, organized by EAPF and the National Development and Refom Commission, with RKSI logistical support and support for workshop publication. (e) Regional Seminar: Gender Equality in Secondary Education, TVET and Skills for Development, 11-12 September 2013, Beijing. (f) International Book Launch on "Economics of Climate Change in East Asia", 17-23 October 2013, held in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Ulaanbaatar, with over 200 international participants and media representatives. (g) 5th PRC-ADB Knowledge Sharing Platform on Technical and Vocational Education, held in Beijing from 2-5 December with about 80 representatives from 10 DMCs. 3. The first regional knowledge sharing event funded under the RKSI TA is the Windpower Integration international workshop. The workshop, attended by 90 participants, was held on 23-24 September 2013 in Beijing, including a two-day site visit to a large scale wind solar integration demonstration project in Zhangbei, Hebei Province. Exchange of technical know-how and experiences from local and international practioners enriched the possible options for PRC in addressing emerging issues on climate change. 4. RKSI financed and co-organized, together with the ADB-Tongji Urban Knowledge Hub, the International Workshop on Urban Expansion held on 12 November 2013 in Shanghai. 5. RKSI partnered with ADB Southeast Asia Department and partly financed the International GMS Urban Strategy Development Workshop on 14-15 November 2013 in Kunming, PRC. 6. RKSI organized, together with the Regional Sustainable Development Department, the Regional Workshop on Rural-Urban Poverty Linkages held on 2-4 September 2014 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The workshop outlined rural-urban poverty linkages under different urbanization models in the PRC. It also provided inputs to the discussion in PRC on their next 5-year development plan. About 90 participants from 15 developing member countries joined the workshop, in addition to some representatives from academia and development partners - from selected Asian countries. 7. RKSI assisted the Regional Sustainable Development Department in preparing the Urban AdapationWorkshop on 5 September 2014 in Beijing. The workshop is part of the action plan on climate change MOU between PRC & ADB. The workshop (i) shared the international and domestic experience and knowledge on urban adaptation, and (ii) promoted and developed the nationwide urban adaptation actions, including the integration of adaptation measures into urban development plan. About 160 experts and officials from central and local governments on urban development and climate change attended the workshop. 8. RKSI assisted the Regional Sustainable Development Department organize the National Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) Workshop convened jointly by NDRC and ADB on 11 September 2014 in Tianjin. The workshop explored the approach to establish a national ETS. PRC has seven local pilot ETSs in operation, and the government is discussing the ways to establish a national ETS. About 120 participants will joined the workshop, including NDRC officials, ETS experts, officials and experts from pilot ETSs, and DMC representatives. 9. RSKI is working with the South Asia Department in financing the participation of PRC experts and officials in the South-South Leaders Forum to be held in Manila on 2-3 December 2014. 10. There is now a plan to improve the RKSI by developing it as a PRC-hub for South-South knowledge exchange network, under the ADB-wide knowledge intiative. 11. The RKSI website development is ongoing, with support from a website developer.
Status of Development Objectives
Material Changes

Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing 2013 Jul 31
Consulting Services
The TA will engage individual international consultants for 10 person-months and a total of 8 person-months of individual national consultants. ADB will recruit the consultants in accordance with its Guidelines on the Use of Consultants (2013, as amended from time to time). The TA will also finance regional knowledge sharing activities, including resource persons, international participants and the preparation and finalization of knowledge products developed in connection with these events.
Procurement and Consulting Notices


Concept Clearance 19 Jul 2012
Management Review Meeting
Approval 16 Aug 2013
Last Review Mission


Approval No. Approval Signing Effectivity Closing
Original Revised Actual
Technical Assistance 8430 16 Aug 2013 16 Aug 2013 25 Mar 2015


Date Approval Number ADB (US$ thousand) Others (US$ thousand) Net Percentage
Cumulative Contract Awards
Cumulative Disbursements

TA Amount (US$ thousand)

Approval Number Approved Amount Revised Amount Total Commitment Uncommitted Balance Total Disbursement Undisbursed Balance
Technical Assistance 8430 600 600 171 429 93 507

Contacts and Update Details

Responsible ADB Officer Jorn Brommelhorster (
Responsible ADB Department East Asia Department
Responsible ADB Divisions Office of the Director General, EARD
Executing Agencies


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