Asian Development Bank and Azerbaijan: Fact Sheet

Azerbaijan became a member of ADB in 1999. ADB’s partnership was initially guided by an interim operational strategy approved in 2000, followed by five country strategy program updates during 2001–2006, and country operations business plans after 2010.

Since 1999, Azerbaijan has received 20 project loans, and 1 project grant totaling $1.64 billion, including 6 nonsovereign loans of $143 million, and $14.4 million in technical assistance grants to support its development programs.

ADB operations in the country for 2000–2011 was deemed successful by ADB’s Independent Evaluation Department. In 2013, ADB reclassified Azerbaijan as a Category C developing member country, in recognition of its achievement of becoming a middle-income country. As a result, Azerbaijan is no longer eligible for ADB concessional lending from Asian Development Fund resources.


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