Dili Bulletin: About the Asian Development Fund

This edition of the Dili Bulletin provides an overview of the Asian Development Fund.

The Asian Development Fund (ADF) has been the main source of funding for activities in Timor-Leste supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). In 2011-2012, Timor-Leste will receive $32.2 million in ADF resources: $23.0 million of grants, and $9.2 million of concessional loans.

Also in this report are updates on The Road Network Upgrading Project, The District Capitals Water Supply Project, The Mid-Level Skills Training Project, and an Economic Update.

The Road Network Upgrading Project will upgrade two of the busiest roads in Timor-Leste and improve the main western road link to Indonesia. Construction will be well under way by the end of 2012, creating jobs and bringing down the cost of transport for people and goods.

The District Capitals Water Supply Project was approved by the ADB Board on 28 September 2011. The project will rehabilitate and expand the water supply systems in the district capitals of Manatuto and Pante Macasar to provide 24-hour, potable water to over 30,000 people.

The Mid-Level Skills Training Project was approved by the ADB Board on 7 December 2011. The project will assist Timor-Leste in introducing and implementing mid-level skills training in construction and automotive trades. The project will provide the fast-growing, young population with new opportunities for employment, as well as helping provide the skilled labor needed to accelerate the rollout of infrastructure.

The economy's strong growth performance continued in 2011, with gross domestice product (GDP), excluding the offshore petroleum sector and the United Nations (the measure of GDP used hereafter), expanding by 10.0%. The spending of petroleum revenue continued to drive the economy.


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