Infrastructure for a Seamless Asia

In view of Asia's enormous untapped economic potential and the ongoing global economic crisis, the challenge now is to build efficient and seamless connections across Asia and to the rest of the world to foment a more competitive, prosperous, and integrated region. This book addresses major challenges in developing regional infrastructure-both hard and soft-in Asia, specifically exploring the costs and benefits, financing requirements, and infrastructure priorities in the region. The study analyzes the European and Latin American experiences in assessing institutions, policies, and frameworks necessary to foster regional cooperation. In addition, this ADB/ADBI flagship study evaluates existing regional infrastructure programs, policies, and institutions, and makes recommendations to meet these challenges, providing a framework for pan-Asian infrastructure cooperation. The key message of the book is that now is the time to forge ahead with the goal of integrating this vast and diverse region-to foster lasting prosperity for all its citizens-through the building of pan-Asian infrastructure connectivity.



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