ADB imposes sanctions on parties that have engaged in fraudulent, corrupt, coercive, collusive, obstructive practices, or other integrity violations. 

ADB may cross debar parties that have been debarred by any of the other participating institutions in accordance with the Cross Debarment Agreement, and the other participating institutions may cross debar parties that ADB has publicly debarred.

Debarred entities are ineligible to participate in ADB-financed, administered or supported activities. A debarred firm’s ineligibility extends to all employees and officers of a firm, and may extend to other principals and contractual employees of the firm. Debarred individuals may not participate in ADB-related activity, as individuals or through nomination by an eligible firm, unless they have completely disassociated themselves with an ineligible firm.

Sanctions as of 31 July 2015 Firms Individuals
Total declared ineligible to participate in ADB-financed activity 1020 665
Reinstated upon appeal 7 4
Reinstated upon completion of ineligibility 100 61
Reinstated upon completion of cross debarment 70 19
Cross-debarred entities 435 121
Currently ineligible to participate in ADB-financed activity 843 581
Reprimanded 44 33

Sanctions list

Sanctions lists of other multilateral development banks (MDBs):

Sanctions period

The base sanction for integrity violations is 3-year debarment. The Integrity Oversight Committee (IOC) may impose a greater or lesser debarment period depending on the circumstances of each case. The IOC will be guided by the following ranges:


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