ADB offers a range of financial products that help developing member countries (DMCs) build economic growth and social development. These tools include loans, technical assistance, and grants.

Public sector (sovereign) financing is extended to DMC governments and public sector entities, such as state-owned enterprises. Sovereign lending or financing secured by a government guarantee forms the greater part of ADB’s development assistance.

Operations are financed from ordinary capital resources (OCR) and a range of special funds, including the Asian Development Fund, which is the largest. In addition, ADB also mobilizes financial resources through cofinancing.

In 2013, sovereign approvals amounted to $16.48 billion, an increase of $3.05 billion (23%) compared to 2012 due mainly to the increase in loan approvals and official cofinancing.

The top five recipients including cofinancing are India ($2.66 billion), Pakistan ($2.58 billion), People’s Republic of China ($2.36 billion), Viet Nam ($2.06 billion) and Indonesia ($2.05 billion). Excluding cofinancing, the top five recipients ranking changes as follows: India ($2.45 billion), People’s Republic of China ($2.05 billion), Pakistan ($1.54 billion), Indonesia ($1.02 billion), and Philippines ($0.88 billion). 

Official Cofinancing

In 2013, official cofinancing from development partners increased by 77% compared to 2012 and reached $3.85 billion. A total of 208 projects received cofinancing in 2013, compared to 178 projects in 2012, and 80% of total official cofinancing, or $3.09 billion, were provided in the form of loans. Read more.


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