Agriculture, natural resources, and rural developmentProduction and markets · irrigation, drainage, flood protection · fishery · forestry
EducationPre-primary, basic · secondary, tertiary, higher · non-formal
EnergyConventional, renewable · efficiency, conservation · transmission, distribution
FinanceBanking systems · money, capital markets · housing, microfinance · trade finance
HealthPrograms, systems · health finance · nutrition · early childhood development
Industry and tradeLarger, small-scale industries · trade, services
Information and communication technologyICT infrastructure · ICT industries and ICT-enabled services · ICT strategy and policy, and capacity development
Public sector managementEconomic, public expenditure, fiscal management · public administration · decentralization · law, judiciary
TransportAir, water, rail, road, urban transport · management, policies
Water supply and other urban infrastructure and servicesSupply, sanitation · waste management · slum upgrading, housing · urban development
MultisectorProjects tagged to more than one sector

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