28223-013: Fuzhou Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment

Business Opportunities

Procurement Plans

There are no procurement plans currently available for this project.

Consulting Services

(R)Consultants will have expertise in design, construction, supervision, quality control, contracting and procurement, the Bank's bidding and reporting procedures, monitoring and evaluation, resettlement, environmental monitoring, emergency environmental procedures, management of operations, business planning, cost recovery, and commercial operations. Domestic consultants (about 1,000 person-months) will be recruited through normal PRC procedures. In addition, provision has been made for 30 person-months of international technical support as part of the equipment packages and a further 40 person-months of international construction advisory services.

Consulting Services Recruitment Notices (CSRN)

There are no CSRN currently available for this project.


(R)Major contracts for equipment and materials will be tendered through international competititve bidding or international shopping procedures. Procurement of civil works contractors will be carried out under local competitive bidding procedures acceptable to the Bank.

Procurement Notices

There are no procurement notices currently available for this project.

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