29082-013: Clark Area Municipal Development

Business Opportunities

Procurement Plans

There are no procurement plans currently available for this project.

Consulting Services

For Project implementation assistance, a total of 173 person-months of consulting services will be required, comprising 16 person-months of international consultants and 157 person-months of domestic consultants.

Consulting Services Recruitment Notices (CSRN)

There are no CSRN currently available for this project.


The procurement under the subprojects involves small- to medium-size civil works contracts costing less than $3 million, which could be awarded on the basis of local competitive bidding. Procurement contracts of equipment and materials costing $500,000 or more will be awarded through international competitive bidding. International shopping procedures may be used for the procurement of equipment and materials with value of less than $500,000. Items valued at less than $50,000 may be procured by direct purchase.

Procurement Notices

There are no procurement notices currently available for this project.

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