29568-013: Almaty-Bishkek Regional Road Rehabilitation

Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 21 Feb 2007

Procurement Plans

There are no procurement plans currently available for this project.

Consulting Services

Consultants to be financed under the loan will assist in detailed design, construction supervision and road maintenance assistance. About 90 person-months of international and 252 person-months of local consulting services will be required and recruited in accordance with the Bank's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants. The Management Review Meeting (MRM) held on 12 May 1999 approved the advance recruitment action. Shortlisting of consultants is underway.

Consulting Services Recruitment Notices (CSRN)

There are no CSRN currently available for this project.


The procurement under the Project will include two packages of civil works for rehabilitation of about 204 km of Kazakh portion of the Almaty-Bishkek road and one package of equipment for road maintenance (yet to be determined) under international competitive bidding.

Procurement Notices

There are no procurement notices currently available for this project.

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