31137-012: Decentralized Basic Education

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details


The Project aims to (i) support Indonesia's policy of enhanced regional autonomy, and (ii) improve the quality and equity of basic education services for the poor. More specifically, the objectives of the project are to (i) support MONE role redefinition, reorganization and capacity building to enable to provide effective policies, guidelines, and training for a decentralized education system (ii) support provincial education office redefinition, reorganization, and capacity building, (iii) strengthen district capacity to plan, budget, manage, and monitor basic education programs, (iv) improve school based management and budgeting capacity, (v) enhance the role of the community in school management and decision making (vi) enhance the availability and effectiveness of local basic education programs for the poor (in particular those related to improving retention in primary schools, transition from primary to junior secondary school) and (vii) improve the quality of education available to the poor by ensuring more equitable allocation of resources for schools in poor areas.

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Environment: C
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During Project Design
To be determined.

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Project Data Sheets (PDS)


Concept Clearance
06 Nov 1997

08 May 2000 to 24 May 2000

Board Approval
14 Jun 2000