31197-013: Community-Based Infrastructure Services Sector

Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 04 Dec 2006

Procurement Plans

There are no procurement plans currently available for this project.

Consulting Services

The Project will require 67 person-months international and 779 person-months domestic consulting services for assistance with (i) preparation of technical and socioeconomic surveys, and feasibility studies; (ii) review of technical studies; (iii) preparation of detailed engineering designs and contract documents; (iv) supervision of construction; and (v) preparation and implementation of the capacity-building program. Advance action on recruitment of consultants was approved.

Consulting Services Recruitment Notices (CSRN)

There are no CSRN currently available for this project.


The procurement of goods and services financed under the Bank loan will be undertaken in accordance with the Bank's Guidelines for Procurement. International competitive bidding (ICB) procedures will be applied for supply contracts estimated to cost the equivalent of $500,000 or more. Supply contracts with a value less than $500,000 equivalent will follow international shopping procedures, except for supply contracts with a value of less than $50,000 equivalent, which may be procured by direct purchase. Local competitive bidding procedures will be applied for civil works contracts are valued at less than $2.0 million each.

Procurement Notices

There are no procurement notices currently available for this project.

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