32253-012: National Highway Corridor & Public Private Partnership

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Date of First Listing: 15 Feb 2007

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Consulting Services

Components A and C(iii): A team of individual consultants, one international and one domestic will be engaged to carry out two tasks: Component A and Component C(iii). The major qualifications of the international consultant will include extensive knowledge of transport sector policies and institutional reforms, particularly enterprise reform, and expertise on and experience with economic and financial anslyses. A major qualification of the domestic consultant will be extensive knowledge of India's transoprt sector. The task will require 2.8 person-months of input by the international consultant, and 2.8 person-months from the domestic consultant. Components B, C(i), and C(ii): The consultants will be engaged, which will form three teams for: (i) the public-private partnership investment strategy, (ii) environmental and social assessment, and (iii) engineering and procurement support. Among the various specialists, one should be assigned as the task manager. The task will require 12.3 person-months of input by international consultants and 9.1 person-months from domestic consultants.

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