34160-023: Education Sector Development Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details


The Investment Project will support government efforts to improve the quality of basic education (with priority given to poor and remote rural areas) and to modernize sector management. It will comprise three main components with several components. 1. Strengthening sector planning and management capacities will support participatory policy formulation processes and develop national capacities to manage the education reforms. It will involve (i) an organizational audit of the education administration with a training needs assessment of the administrative personnel, (ii) a nationwide school mapping exercise combined with a community survey, (iii) policy studies in the areas of (a) staff development, (b) nongovernment provision of education, (c) education finance, and (iii) training of school principals and district administrators. 2. Improving and extending teacher education will principally establish a distance education (DE) capacity to conduct teacher training and retraining activities. Teacher education programs will be developed and delivered in the area of (i) multigrade instruction, (ii) primary school teaching, (iii) field-specific teaching methods, and (iv) select junior secondary school subjects. 3. Strengthening community involvement in schooling and improving learning conditions will comprise (i) rehabilitation of the physical infrastructure and provision of equipment for the most resource-poor schools of the country, (ii) assistance to communities in establishing autonomous and effective school boards, and (iii) provision of grant funds accessible to schools on a competitive basis through a School Initiatives Fund (SIF).

Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy

Improvements in the relevance and the quality of education are critical to Uzbekistan's democratization and transition to a market economy. Uzbekistan's education system must also be re-oriented in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. The ESDP will support selected policy interventions, adjustment measures, and critical investments that may otherwise be hampered by resistance to change in the education system or adversely affected by budgetary constraints.

Safeguard Categories

Environment: C
Involuntary Resettlement:
Indigenous Peoples:

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Project Data Sheets (PDS)


23 Nov 2000 to 11 Dec 2000

Management Review Meeting
27 Apr 2001

Board Approval
06 Dec 2002