36008-013: Lower Secondary Education for the Most Disadvantaged Regions Project

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Date of First Listing: 27 Feb 2006

Procurement Plans

Consulting Services

The Project provided a total of 489 person-months of consulting services-74 international and 415 national. The international consultants comprised experts in project facilitation (3 person-months), education planning and management (18; this consultant will also be the team leader), procurement (14), resettlement (1), teacher training design and planning (16), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) (4), gender and ethnic minority education planning (8), monitoring and evaluation (6), and scholarship policy and planning (4). The national consultants' expertise was in national civil works and procurement (48 person-months), construction supervision (51), resettlement (10), school-based In-service-teacher training (24), pro-poor Pre-service teacher training (48), ethnic minority education management (48), gender education management (24), scholarship policy and management (48), project facilitation and management (12), education planning (26), education management and administration (52), ICT/Education Management Information System management (12), and monitoring and quality control (12). The overseas training programs have been/will be provided by an international training provider, which will be selected through consultant qualification. Detailed terms of reference and selection criteria for the overseas training provider has been developed by National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU) with the assistance of international consultants during implementation. The international and national consultants to be financed under the Project have all been selected and hired according to ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants. For smooth start-up, the project facilitation adviser has been selected and hired individually to help NPIU develop a solid implementation framework. The remaining services will be provided by an international firm, to be selected and hired through quality- and cost-based selection (QCBS). The QCBS weighting will follow the standard quality-cost ratio of 80:20.

Consulting Services Recruitment Notices (CSRN)

There are no CSRN currently available for this project.


ADB-financed goods and works will be procured according to ADB's Procurement Guidelines. The National Project Implementation Unit, in close cooperation with relevant Provincial Project Implementation Units and Bureau of Education and Training, will be responsible for all procurement. National competitive bidding consistent with ADB's Procurement Guidelines will be carried out. Modifications and clarifications that need to be made regarding the Borrower's national competitive bidding procedures must be agreed on by ADB and the Borrower. Given the broad geographic range of the Project, and the resulting high number of relatively small contract packages anticipated, all civil works contracts will be procured through national competitive bidding. Contracts for goods estimated at $1 million equivalent or more will be awarded through international competitive bidding, and those for goods (other than instructional materials) estimated at less than $1 million but more than $100,000 equivalent through national competitive bidding. Contracts estimated at less than $100,000 equivalent will follow shopping procedures. Instructional materials will be procured through national competitive bidding or direct contracting. Awareness-raising materials will be procured through least-cost selection. Details of procurement packages and technical specifications will be submitted to ADB for approval before procurement. MOET will take advance procurement action for the recruitment of individual consultants in the case of the international project facilitation adviser and the national project facilitation and management adviser, to expedite implementation. ADB's concurrence to advance action does not commit ADB to finance related expenditure under the Project or to finance the Project.

Procurement Notices

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