36654-012: Restructuring of Technical Education and Vocational Training System Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details


The main objective of the Project is to improve the quality and relevance of skills training programs to build a high quality workforce and address the issues of skills mismatch and unemployment among rural and urban youths by monitoring labor market demands and providing job placement services. Special attention will be given to women and rural poor. The Project has the following five components: - quarterly labor market surveys - curriculum revision and staff development according to the needs of industries and communities - evaluation of training institutes and their restructuring to best suit to the needs -rehabilitation of buildings and procurement of needed equipment - provision of career guidance and job placement services. The main output will be the feasibility study report of the proposed investment project. In addition, a sample labor market survey will be conducted to determine the needs of industries and restructuring plan of 72 training institutes will be drafted. As a result of the TA study, the Government will be able to know the labor market demands, ways and means of restructuring the training institutes, and benefits of the investment proejct.

Project Data Sheets (PDS) contain summary information on the project or program. Because the PDS is a work in progress, some information may not be included in its initial version but will be added as it becomes available. Information about proposed projects is tentative and indicative.

Project Data Sheets (PDS)


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06 Dec 2002

04 Nov 2002 to 12 Nov 2002

18 Dec 2002