37056-012: Chhattisgarh Irrigation Development Sector Project

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Date of First Listing: 15 Feb 2007

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The proposed PPTA will have four components to support preparation of a project: (i) Core Sub-projects Preparation and Infrastructure Rehabilitation for large minor irrigation schemes.(ii) Institutional assessment, reform, and defining a capacity development and management restructuring programs for water users association and the Water Resources Department, (iii) Strengthening agricultural support services to support crop diversification and improved yields, (vi) Strengthening IWRM capacity and institutional framework. A vital objective of the PPTA and project is to develop a participatory implementation methodology that combines the physical system enhancements with institutional strengthening and improved cropping to provide models of best practice. This will be combined with improved sector-wide management procedures, capacity, and systems for the irrigation sector. ADB will recruit a firm for this PPTA that will require approximately 22 months of international specialists and 40 months of local specialists. The following area of expertise will be required: irrigation engineer, on-farm water management expert, geotechnical engineer, hydrologist, agronomist/crop diversification expert, project economist, fisheries expert, environmental expert, social assessment expert, gender expert, information education and awareness expert, water resources management expert, and WUA specialist.

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