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A functional national railway can create jobs, better transport options, enhanced competitiveness for products made in Cambodia, and cheaper transport for goods and commodities.

The Government of Australia and ADB are working with the Royal Government of Cambodia and other donor partners to rehabilitate the national railway in Cambodia. The existing railway has fallen into a state of significant disrepair following years of neglect and vandalism dating back to the Khmer Rouge era.

The new railway will position Cambodia as a true subregional transport hub, creating new jobs and business opportunities in the manufacturing and logistic services sectors. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Cambodia's transport system will also be enhanced by enabling the efficient and safe transport of heavy, bulky, and hazardous cargo.

Through these benefits the project will increase the competitiveness of the Cambodian economy.

25 April 2014: Management’s Action Plan to Implement the Board Decision on the Recommendations of the Compliance Review Panel Final Report

ADB Management has developed an action plan outlining its approach to implementing the Board-approved recommendations and the remedial actions that have been identified, in consultation with the Government of Cambodia, with their implementation arrangements and timelines.

31 January 2014: Statement on the GMS: Rehabilitation of the Railway in Cambodia Project - Final Report of the Compliance Review Panel

The Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Board of Directors today agreed to bring the GMS: Rehabilitation of the Railway in Cambodia Project into full compliance with its safeguard policies following a report by ADB’s Compliance Review Panel (CRP).

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