38135-013: Multisector Rehabilitation Project for Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details


The objective of the Project is to rehabilitate and reconstruct essential infrastructure and facilities and to improve living conditions and quality of life in AJK. The Project will provide a rapid improvement in the well-being of about 3.4 million people in AJK, mainly low income communities and, together with the similar ADB intervention in Jammu and Kashmir on the other side of the LOC, will support the ongoing peace process between Pakistan and India by provision of high priority and highly visible infrastructure. The Project will comprise the following main components: Component A. Rehabilitation and Improvement of Health Services, including extension and rehabilitation of accident and emergency departments of 8 district hospitals; provision of essential missing equipment to pediatric and gynecology departments; rehabilitation of 4 tehsil headquarters hospitals; construction of hostels for nurses/other staff and accommodation for doctors; and provision of diagnostic facilities like X-ray, laboratory and ECG; development of proper waiting areas and provision of public toilet and clean drinking water for visitors at the above hospitals; and enhancing technical capacity of doctors through specific trainings. Component B. Rehabilitation and Improvement of Education Services: The objective of this component is to rehabilitate facilities and other support required immediately to restore and improve the education services, including provision of shelter to 300 shelter-less schools; rehabilitation/reconstruction of 67 damaged school/college buildings along LOC; repair/renovation of 150 middle schools, and 46 high schools as per agreed criteria; provision of water and sanitation facilities to all the schools where inadequate; assistance to the education department in capacity building. Component C. Rehabilitation and Improvement of Water Supply Systems: The overall goal is to improve living conditions and the quality of life of the urban communities in AJK where water is scarce and unsafe for human consumption. This component will include: (i) rehabilitation and extension of existing water supply network including the rehabilitation of existing treatment plans in all the 7 DHQ and 4 THQ towns; and (ii) strengthening and building the capacity of the PWD and its Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) to organize and efficiently manage water supply functions in a sustained and most cost effective manner. Component D. Rehabilitation of Roads and Bridges: This component will comprise (i) rehabilitation and improvement of approximately 180 km of the primary road network; (ii) construction/replacement of about 800 meters of major bridges on the primary roads; (iii) construction of about 1,050 meters jeepable suspension bridges on the secondary/tertiary roads; (iv) construction of about 1,050 meters of suspension bridges to improve connectivity of remotely located communities; and (v) policy reforms, capacity building of PWD and improvements in civil works procurement procedures. Component E. Improvement, Renovation, and Augmentation of Power Distribution Network. This component will help to reduce system losses and improve reliability of the existing power distribution network through (i) rehabilitation and augmentation of about 950km of 11kV lines; (ii) rehabilitation and augmentation of about 1,350km of 0.4kV lines; (iii) replacement and addition of 11kV0.4kV transformers; and (iv) rehabilitation and augmentation of service connections.

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Environment: B
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Project Data Sheets (PDS)


Concept Clearance
06 Apr 2004

25 May 2004 to 21 Jun 2004

Management Review Meeting
23 Sep 2004

21 Dec 2004